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Will Smith opens up about the struggles with a high profile marriage

Will Smith has opened up about the struggles he has faced in his high-profile marriage to fellow actress Jada Pinkett Smith.
The usually funny-man was surprisingly candid about the truth behind making a Hollywood marriage work.
While Will and Jada have been married for more than 17 years and the two are parents to Jaden, 16, and Willow, 14, they’ve always been open about the fact that their relationship has suffered in the past because of their fame.
The 46-year-old held nothing back when speaking to US Weekly, explaining that it isn’t always easy to divide his personal and work life.
“ Jada and I have struggled with that a little bit ... The problem is one person is in work mode while the other person is in chill mode. Then it's like you're both trying to come up,” Will said.
He explained it was only natural that ambitious couples, especially in Hollywood, do struggle to spend time together.
“It is really something that will happen in time,” he said.
“And you'll realize that you're either really committed to having a relationship, or you're really committed to coming up. At some point one or the other is going to have to suffer.”
The couple may have had some issues in the past, but there was no sign of it when they walked the red carpet for the premiere of Will’s new film, Focus, which co-stars Australia’s Margot Robbie.
The two couldn’t look more in love, packing on the PDA.
When Jada was asked how they have maintained a strong marriage she credits keeping things fresh.
“I think you just have to be willing to keep things fresh,' Jada responded. 'We love growing together and we love doing a lot of things together,” Jada said
“Growing together is a big, important part, like, to never get static, there's always something new,” Will added.
Being married to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will certainly help them keep things fresh!

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