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“I love my husband and kids more!" Why Nicole Kidman always puts her family first

The Oscar-winning actress says she and hubby Keith host “family meetings” to plot their next career moves!

By Ellie McDonald
Between remembering lines for her next big blockbuster to enamouring the masses on almost every Tinseltown red carpet, there’s only one thing that’s ever on Nicole Kidman’s mind: her family.
In an interview with Richard Wilkinson on The Today Show on November 16, the mother of four (who has two adopted kids with her ex Tom Cruise and two children with current husband Keith Urban) opened up about how she maintains that all important work-life balance.
“It is a juggling act – it really is,” she began.
“There are times when it gets put out to a family meeting and we decide if we can move for a period of time, or if Mummy can make a film or Daddy can do this…”
That’s right, the 49-year-old and her country music-star partner, 49, call on the VIPs in their lives to make these big career decisions for them!
Keith and Nicole, who have been married for 10 years, make every work-based decision as a family.
A couple that votes together, stays together.
The Big Little Lies star even recounted the most recent “family meeting”…
“Primarily, it was about whether I was going to do Photograph 51 (which was a play I did in London) and whether I could take that to New York and do it.”
“Both my kids said no. And my husband said, ‘I hope not' [laughs].”
“That’s the life of an actress who ultimately prioritises family because that’s what’s going to happen at times.
“I would have loved to have done [Photograph 51] on Broadway, but I love my husband and kids more.”
Always putting the family first… Bless!
Keith and Nicole are parents to Sunday Rose, 8, and five-year-old Faith Margaret.
This isn’t the first time the doting mum and loving wife has used her celebrity status to gush about her loved ones.
Just two days before The Today Show interview, Sydney-born Nic not only dazzled the crowds at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 8th Annual Governors Awards in LA, but she also revealed the secret to her happy marriage.
“Just love,” she said.
“Just love each other, lavish each other with love. Also we just happen to like each other too. That works.”
WATCH Nicole open up about her priorities on The Today Show!

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