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EXCLUSIVE: I’m A Celeb’s Vicky Pattison reveals the unlikely reason she’s entering the jungle again

So this is why Vicky Pattison is back for more.

By Josh Fox
While most of our I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! campmates are in it to win, Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison, who has already took home that title on the British version of the show in 2015, is ready to intrude on jungle life just for the holiday at the end of it.
"My fiancé [John] is going to come out and we are going to do a safari and I wouldn't mind seeing what South Africa has to offer in terms of nightlife," Vicky gushes to NW about her plans for after the show.
"I want to see as many animals as possible. It's like an engagement moon off the back of it."
We imagine there's easier ways to score a couple of free flights, Vick!

When asked why she's putting herself through something so torturous again, Vicky says, "It sounds so stupid and clichéd but when I did it the last time… I honestly mean it... I discovered the type of person I wanted to be.
"You have so much time to reflect and you are in such a varied and diverse group of people that you can quite easily see qualities that you love and qualities in yourself that you love… but you can also see things that you don't appreciate that you want to work on. It is such a wonderful place to prove what you are made of and all of the rest of it.
"I think somewhere along the way in the hustle and bustle of everyday life… the stresses and pressures of all that is going on… It is quite easy to lose what's important, and what is real and important."
What a cutie.

As we ask who her nightmare jungle buddy would be, Vick adds, "Anyone who is not ready to embrace the experience. If anyone is in there just for the money or whinging or moaning about the bugs, or the heat… we all know what the show is about and I feel so fortunate to be asked to be a part of it.
"I feel like if anyone is going to harshen my vibe… that is going upset me. I want positivity, positive pigeons all around. I don't need any negativity around."
Positive pigeons?
We're not sure you're going to find many of them flapping about after already suffering two weeks of basic rations and wild animals, but good luck!

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