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What we didn't know about the late Whitney Houston

A new documentary tells all about the superstar’s troubled life.

By Carrissa Lawrie
Whitney Houston’s death in February 2012 was nothing short of a tragedy.
This very fact filmmaker Nick Broomfield’s revealing documentary Whitney: ‘Can I Be Me’ makes all too clear, with some startling stories from those who knew her best.
Here’s a glimpse at the sad truths the film touches upon…

She started doing drugs as a teen

“Whitney was getting high before Bobby [Brown, her hubby of 15 years] ever came into the picture,” explains friend Allison Samuels.
Another pal, Ellin Lavar, adds that the songstress had been using drugs since her late teens.
Whitney passed away in 2012.

She stayed with cheating Bobby for her daughter

“Bobby was notorious for sleeping with the girls on tour. He was not ready to take on the role of a husband,” reveals Allison.
She says the icon stayed married to Bobby from 1992 to 2007 for the sake of their daughter Bobbi Kristina.
Bobbi Kristina, Whitney and Bobby - before tragic events unfolded.

Her bodyguard was fired after he tried to save her

Whitney’s long-time bodyguard David Roberts, on which the film The Bodyguard was loosely based, filed a report to family in 1999 about her worrying drug use.
A week later he was sacked.
“There’s no doubt… had that report been taken seriously, Whitney and Bobbi Kristina would still be here,” he insists.
Whitney's long-time bodyguard David Roberts appears in the film.

She blew $250 million

Whitney’s former drug counsellor Carrie Starks says the star didn’t care about fancy clothes or cars. “She would say to me, ‘I want to get off drugs so I can be a mother to my daughter.’”
So how did her immense fortune disappear? According to the documentary, it all went to supporting family and friends.
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