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Paris Jackson's guardian reveals what he really thinks of her new boyfriend!

After months of dating, Paris Jackson's guardian and relative TJ Jackson has broken his silence on her new man.

By Mahalia Chang
She might be the daughter of pop royalty, but that doesn’t mean Paris Jackson doesn’t get a little dose of overprotective parents every now and then.
Or, overprotective guardians, we should say.
The co-guardian of Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, 17, has revealed how he really feels about Paris’ new boyfriend, 18-year-old soccer player, Chester Castellaw.
TJ Jackson, Michael’s nephew, recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight about Paris’ new beau, revealing that although he likes Chester, he’ll be keeping a close eye on him.
TJ Jackson with Paris' brother, Prince, recently.
“I approve of him,” said TJ, “No one’s perfect, but he’s a good boy, so I approve of him… He treats her well. She’s happy.”
“It depends on which day you ask me,” the protective relative, who once dated Kim Kardashian, added.
“He’s a good kid. He’s an ambitious kid, you know. He’s a teenage boy, so like any parent, guardian, step-parent or adopted parent, you gotta keep an eye on him. I was a young man too once, so I keep a close eye on him.”
We think anyone with a 17-year-old daughter can relate to that!
Crazy in love! Paris recently posted these sweet snaps of her and Chester.
The loved-up couple, who can’t seem to get enough of each other, have been together since early this year and reports suggest they’re head over heels in love.
“Paris is completely head over heels for him (Chester) and she has been gushing about him constantly, telling her family members that she loves him and he is her ‘soulmate’,” a source told Woman’s Day.
“Her family seems to like him and they are happy that he comes from a privileged background in Beverly Hills because they are very protective over the children’s inheritance and they want to make sure that he is with her for the right reasons.”
“They get along with Paris really well, she’s not like other girls Chester has brought home before,” the source told Woman's Day.
“She’s incredibly grown-up for someone her age. People forget how much she’s been through already in her life.”
Since making her new relationship status official on Facebook in March, Paris has posted a number of cute selfies with her boyfriend, making it clear that she is firmly back on the right track after her tragic suicide attempt at only 15.
And we couldn’t be happier for her!

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