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Wentworth season eight plot twist: The explosive fate of 'The Freak' will have you on the edge of your seat

Strap yourselves in...

By TV Week team
In the final moments of season seven's finale, we glimpsed Wentworth icon Joan "The Freak" Ferguson hiding under a cloak.
For a whole year, fans had been divided over whether The Freak (Pamela Rabe) could ever survive being buried alive by Will Jackson, who's now the prison governor.
So how did she survive?
"We never had DNA confirmation it was actually her in the box," Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter points out.
"And if anyone could pull this off, it would be Joan! I can't wait for the audience theories on how this was possible."
In season eight, The Freak is clearly on a mission to harm Vera Bennett (Kate Atkinson), with the former governor of Wentworth stalking Vera while she's on maternity leave with baby Grace.
The Freak is on a mission. (Foxtel)
What The Freak has planned is sure to keep viewers riveted.
"The genius of bringing back The Freak is that it agitates almost everyone – Jake [Bernard Curry], Vera and Will in particular," Kate Jenkinson explains.
"Expect the unexpected – her return won't be what people think."

Allie's in charge

Three people dead, one baby born and a prison left shaken after a dramatic siege brought cult prison drama Wentworth to a close in 2019.
The two-part finale had viewers' hearts pumping and blood pressure sky-rocketing as they waited to see who would make it out alive and who wouldn't.
Almost a year since fans last watched this TV WEEK Logie Award-winning drama, the start of season eight doesn't disappoint, with a whole new Wentworth ready to deliver for 2020.
We get a glimpse of the new world order inside the prison, which starts with the normally shy and quiet Allie Novak (Kate Jenkinson) stepping up to be top dog.
Season eight is full of twists and turns. (Foxtel)
The former prostitute has gained the respect of the inmates after she helped end the siege by shooting dead rogue prison officer Sean Brody (Rick Donald) and wounding her former lover Marie Winter (Susie Porter) for being involved in the siege and attempted escape.
Despite rocking a new peroxide-blonde look and an edgier attitude, Allie isn't completely confident in her new role.
"Allie feels the pressure of being appointed top dog," Kate, 48, says.
"She knows the responsibility – and seen how it ends for most top dogs – so there's an enormous weight on her shoulders."
There's an "enormous weight" on Allie's shoulders. (Foxtel)
Allie has long been a follower rather than a leader, but this time she's using her strength to show her fellow inmates and governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) she can step up to the role, no matter how unsure she feels.
"I don't think Allie is trying to prove a point to anyone but herself," Kate says.
"She's surprising herself with her strength and ability. Ironically, she's thriving under the most oppressive circumstances."
Elsewhere in the prison, Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) is still coming to terms with killing her best friend Liz (Celia Ireland), and Ruby is trying to find her way now that her sister Rita (Leah Purcell) is in protective custody.
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