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We remember Steve Irwin

One year on from his tragic death on September 4, 2006, we remember Steve Irwin — a great Australian.
Larrikin, conservationist, snake wrangler, croc hunter, TV star, husband and dad. Steve Irwin was all of these.
He may have been born in the suburbs of Melbourne, but his heart was firmly in the wild. And, the wilder and more dangerous the animals, the better he seemed to like it. Sadly, on September 4, 2006, Steve Irwin, 44, was killed in a freak accident after being speared in the heart by a stingray’s barbed tail in the waters off Batt Reef, in north Queensland.
In this special photo tribute — the last photographs and interview Steve did with his wife, Terri, and children Bindi and Bob shortly before his death — we remember him fondly.
Steve Irwin's death was a watershed moment in history; share your memories of his death with us below ...

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