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Susan Carland just shared the most glorious throwback of her and Waleed Aly's wedding

A lot can change in 19 years!

By Alex Lilly
They're one of the more low-key celebrity couples in Australia but Dr Susan Carland and Waleed Aly are one of our favourite pairings.
Between them, they have created award-winning television and raised two children and to mark 19 years of marriage, the academic and UNICEF ambassador has shared a stunning throwback to her wedding day - and Susan's Project host husband looks unrecognisbale!
Waleed and Susan tied the knot in an Islamic ceremony on the lawns of Melbourne Zoo back in 2002.
Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Susan shared a photo of herself and Waleed in their wedding finery.
Bride Susan looked stunning in an ice blue ensemble with a matching veil whilst a bearded Waleed donned a suit that looked a little bit bigger than average.
"19 years ago today!" Susan captioned her snap.
"Guys, I did my own make-up 💀(also: Men's suits were massive back then) (yes, I was apparently foreshadowing a Muslim Elsa)," she jokingly added.
Newlyweds Susan and Waleed in 2002. (Instagram)
In a chat with TV WEEK back in 2018, Susan revealed the secret behind her and Waleed's happy marriage.
"I think it's not just that we love each other, we really like each other. I also think it helps that we both feel we married up. When you both think that, it tends to work pretty well," she said.
The feeling is clearly mutual as Waleed sung his wife's praises when he won the TV WEEK Gold Logie in 2016.
"If she had my job, she'd be better at it than me," he admitted in his acceptance speech.
"She's sharper, she's wittier, she's funnier, she's infinitely more charming and likeable and I'm really glad she doesn't have my job because otherwise I definitely wouldn't have it.
Waleed added: "Everyone who knows her knows that she changes you and she makes you better. She's done that in her work, she's done that in her community work and they don't give statuettes to people like that, sadly, but one day if life's fair they might just give her a statue."
"I think it's not just that we love each other, we really like each other." (Getty)
Dr Carland, who converted to Islam when she was 19, has previously expressed how she dislikes the term "Muslim power couple."
"It's bizarre, we're not even remotely powerful!" she laughed.
"If I'm asked to comment on things I will always preface it by saying I'm not a spokesperson, I'm not a community leader, I'm not an expert on these things I'm just a person. I have opinions on things but I don't represent anyone other than myself".
"If she had my job, she'd be better at it than me." (Instagram)

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