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Victoria Beckham slammed online for seemingly allowing 12-year-old son Cruz to drink alcohol

Oh dear.

By Polly Foreman
Internet trolls aren’t known for their rationality, but they’ve truly excelled themselves by kicking off at Victoria Beckham for posting a photo of her son Cruz drink fizzy apple juice that they thought was champagne.
Even though she literally said it was apple juice in the caption.
The pic showed the 12-year-old cheersing with his friend while looking at the sunset with their feet in the pool. She’d captioned it: "Two little old men! @cruzbeckham @danieldarri55 #fizzyapplejuice #drinksatsunset #happyhour."

And fans were quick to criticise Victoria for the lovely wholesome pic, because that’s how the internet works.
"Children and alkohol, very nice... Is your boy not a little bit too young....", wrote one, and another added: “Are they 21? There is a Child drinking alchol”.
A third chimed in: "On the picture it does not looked like aplle juice... Why alcohol?they are so young”.

Another wrote: “Too young for alcohol ? Love beckham family.”
Luckily, plenty of people leapt to Posh’s defence.
One wrote: “Amazing... sick of people slagging you down all the time! Wish people would focus on their own parenting skills before knocking others!”
Another added: “literally I have never in my life seen champagne that dark. It’s clearly Apple juice”.
Maybe read the caption next time, trolls
This article originally appeared on our sister site, Heat