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Victoria Beckham shares unexpected health confession with fans on Instagram

The fashion designer got surprisingly candid.

By Jess Pullar
Victoria Beckham has made a name for herself as a fashion maven and muse, with millions of fans across the world following her every move.
But in a slightly unusual turn of events, Victoria herself has turned the tables somewhat by seeking advice from her fans, and it's for something rather unexpected.
VB usually uses her Instagram to share candid snaps of her family and to promote her fashion line, with her her posts providing ample insight into the former Spice Girl's colourful life in London.
But her latest Instagram story took a slightly different route when the brunette beauty shared a close up image of her eye and wrote: "Any advice for a bloodshot eye??".
In the candid pic, Victoria's right eye appears to be a little red in parts - see the image below.
Victoria shared a very candid picture to her Instagram stories asking fans for advice. (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
Fans were quick to jump to the aid of the mum-of-four, filling her inbox with suggestions ranging from "sunglasses and eye baths" to "put damp tea bags on them".
While we can't say that any of these suggestions should be tried at home given they haven't come from a medical professional, it was great to see so many of VB's fans share their insights.
And Victoria herself seemed very grateful, writing, "Thank you for all of your responses!"
She then wrote: 'So many of u have suggested this!! A used camomile tea bag from the fridge placed over a close eye," she penned.
"Going to be trying some of ur suggestions xx".
The former pop singer was grateful to her fans for the suggestions. (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
She then said she would try some of them out. (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
We're hoping Victoria's health issue clears up quickly so she can continue enjoying her summer - which looks as though it's been action packed.
Earlier in the day, VB shared a series of adorable videos of her eight-year-old daughter Harper riding a horse during her family's holiday in Italy.
The youngest of the Beckham brood looked to be a complete natural riding horseback, which isn't surprising given she has previously had horse riding lessons, according to the Standard.
Harper is a natural when it comes to horse riding. (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
There are plenty more candid holiday snaps where that came from too. The Beckham's family holiday in Italy looks nothing less than dreamy, as the famous family enjoy their summer break.
Earlier in August, husband David Beckham shared a snap of himself and Victoria wearing almost-matching outfits, consisting white t-shirts and beige trousers.
Serendipitously so, the trendy couple are single-handedly doing all our summer outfit research for us!
#CoupleGoals right here! (Instagram @davidbeckham)

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