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Victoria Beckham addresses an awkward wardrobe malfunction

She’s called Posh for a reason but when Victoria Beckham left her event in London she looked anything but!

By Blake Nadilo
After celebrating the one year anniversary of her Dover St store being open in spectacular style, Victoria Beckham held onto David as she exited the party where there was a very noticeable wet patch on her outfit.
The fashion designer was sporting a wet patch around her crotch and in the glare of photographer’s flashes, it looked quite unfortunate on her chic black jeans.
However the former Spice Girl was quick to address the incident by blaming it on a spilt drink.
“It was the most unfortunate positioning of a spilt drink, whilst Victoria was sitting down – thankfully it was not a 'dampener' on what was a fantastic night,” a family spokesperson explained.
Something tells us that VB won’t be red-faced for long as a new study released by The Independentrevealed the staggering amount that Brand Beckham’ is worth.
The study explained that the family’s combined net worth is over $1 billion AUD – that’ll buy you a lot of pairs of black jeans Posh.
A new study has revealed that the Beckham brood are worth over $1 billion AUD!
In fact, the Beckham’s are worth more than Queen Elizabeth – not too bad for a girl from and Essex and a scruffy footballer.
Although Victoria’s fashion line and David’s endorsements and football career is the main money earner for the family-of-six, the kids themselves are catching up too.
The eldest Beckham, 16-year-old Brooklyn has raked in almost 4.5 million Instagram followers and has been featured on the cover of Miss Vogue and Man Abouttwon
While 13-year-old Romeo was the star of Burberry’s Christmas campaign.
Victoria’s unfortunately placed drink spillage might have been embarrassing, but it’s nothing a billion dollars and self-made empire won’t fix.

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