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Tziporah Malkah reunites with estranged mum after thinking she could face jail time

The post is worlds away from Malkah's earlier accusations her mum "gave all her love to politics".

By Kate Wagner
Tziporah Malkah and her mother Pru Goward are famously divided; a detail oft discussed by the former model during her time on I'm A Celeb... and in subsequent press appearances.
However, the pair appear to have mended at least bridges with Malkah posting an emotional post on how "extremely grateful" she was to see her mum after being threatened with jail time for erratic driving.
"I told my mother that I could do gaol time for refusing to take the plea I'd been offered days earlier," she wrote on Facebook.
"As a result my poor mother stressed out and fainted a day or so later."
Malkah is no longer facing jail time after pleading guilty to a night of erratic driving in Melbourne, which saw her hit three roundabouts and eventually reverse into a parked car.
Malkah and her politician mum have an infamously frought relationship.
Earlier this year when Tziporah entered the jungle, she reached out to the rich and powerful mother she has been estranged from for years to warn her she'd soon be baring her soul on national TV.
However, she claimed her mum Pru Goward asked her "not to bring my name into it."
"I respect my mother. I understand my mother, but she's not motherly," Tziporah told The Project's Carrie Bickmore last week, admitting to others that her fiercely driven mum also told her to make the most of the opportunity.
Tziporah, 43, blames her mum for her tortured life, telling Woman's Day they constantly fought when she was younger because Pru was "busy and ambitious," and accusing her of giving all her love to politics.
So deep is the divide between the two, her mum did not know Tziporah was penniless and living in a women's shelter in Melbourne
for two years, because she felt she couldn't ask for help or give her mum the "satisfaction of lording it over me."
"Pru and Kate – I can't call her by that other name – have always had their differences, but Pru's never stopped loving her or worrying about her," insisted one family friend to Woman's Day earlier this year.