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Tristan Thompson's son Prince is proof Khloé Kardashian's baby will be beautiful

Prince has just become a big brother!

By life and style magazine
Reality star Khloé Kardashian has just gave birth, but the Kardashian family isn't the only one getting bigger. Her NBA star beau, Tristan Thompson, welcomed his first child in December 2016 with ex-girlfriend Jordan Craig — which means Prince is now a big brother!
Tristan, 27, started dating Khloé, 33, while his model ex was pregnant with their baby boy, which sparked rumors the Clevland Cavaliers star left his baby mama for the Kardashian sister. Of course, we now know that Tristan cheated on Koko as well with not one, but multiple women during her pregnancy.
Scandal aside, the 16-month-old's sister is about to make her debut into the world, and we can't help but think she will be #blessed with amazing genes. Watch the video below to see the adorable baby boy.
Photos and videos of the NBA star kissing, motorboating, and getting groped by women at a club were released on April 10 while Koko was in his hometown of Cleveland alone waiting for their little girl. The following day, a source close to the soon-to-be mama detailed her reaction upon hearing the news.
"Tristan's f---ed up big time. He knows it. And Khloé's pissed!" the source told Life & Style exclusively. "Khloé's done. She's so f--king done. Her stomach hurts so bad and it's not from the pregnancy. She could kill Tristan right now."
During Jordan's pregnancy, Life & Style reported that she was feeling disrespected by the KUWTK star.
"Jordy wants Khloé to back off," a source said at the time. "Tristan would be with Jordy at the doctor's office, and he'd be off in the corner FaceTiming Khloé."
Jordan also seemingly threw some shade at Tristan on Twitter before giving birth, writing, "Seeing ppl/things for who/what you want them to be will fulfill you in the moment but you are only setting yourself up for failure & if you're lucky enough to see red flags... Consider them blessings & exit... What ppl do in the past they will 99.9% of the time do it again."

However, Jordan showed her support for Khlo with a mature post on social media. "If you respect yourself and you respect others, you would never make light of the misfortune of anyone, nor would you feel indemnified when it comes at the expense of others," she wrote. "Wishing peace for everyone."
Unfortunately, her sweet reaction didn't stop fans from going after Khloé in the comments. "No encouragement bihhh she took someone's boyfriend. Karma is a serious thing," slammed one. Another agreed adding, "You lose them how you get em."
A third even went as far as to suggest she name her baby "Karma." Jeez.
This story was originally published on our sister site, Life and Style Magazine.