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Did a Hollywood Medium predict Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian?

Well, this is freaky.

By Holly Royce
Tyler Henry, host of reality series, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry may have predicted Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian, during her appearance on his show.
You may be sceptical but stay with us here.
Tyler has previously spoken exclusively to Now To Love about his psychic abilities and how the process isn't as simple as we may think.
"The thing is, as medium we don't always have all the answers. Our goal is to be a conjugate for information." "It really is a big responsibility. I tend to not read people when I'm at the supermarket or in my day-to-day life. It's like therapy – it's so personal and intimate." But in retrospect his message to new Mum, Khloe Kardashian seems pretty clear.
As we already know, On Tuesday, April 10, footage emerged on the Daily Mail of the basketball player, 27, getting rather intimate with fan.
Following this news, a total of three woman came forward and said they had a relationship with Tristan Thompson while he was with Khloe Kardashian, who has just given birth to the couple's baby girl.
Back in June, Khloe sat down with the Hollywood Medium, who has a complicated message to share.
Tyler kept referring to Khloe's next boyfriend, which was a shock considering she was at the time happily smitten with NBA player Tristan.
"You keep saying 'my next boyfriend. Do you not see anything about my current boyfriend?" The reality star asked the medium.
"I really am feeling like love life is not the area right now that's reaching its peak," Henry replied.
"Career is really that area. One of the challenges that's coming through is the referral of ultimately being distant but in a physical sense. What comes through is literally -- I'm seeing a clock...and it's symbolic for basically saying that a schedule or two people's schedules would not be ideal for a cohesive relationship. If we have two individuals who are both very driven and doing their own things, the feeling is that we wanna ensure that we have enough time for a relationship. That can be a challenge -- if two people are motivated and are not necessarily always together physically with where they're going."
At the time, Khloe and Tristan were pretty loved up.
"I see a lot of travel for this individual, like, to an excessive extent that I'm kind of almost like, oh, I don't know if that would even be reasonable for that much, so just remember that I'm saying that because there will be some opportunities," he added.
Hmm, it certainly seems like that was a bit of foreshadowing.
For now our thoughts are with new mum, Khloe and her baby girl, whose name is yet to be announced.