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Top 10 best and worst TV stars – do you agree?

Popular stars Magda Szubanski, Jennifer Hawkins and Rebecca Gibney
A secret list ranking the popularity of television stars was published today, listing Hamish Blake, Andrew Denton and Rebecca Gibney as the top 3 celebrities.
The document, compiled by research firm Audience Development Australia and printed in The Australian, is used by the TV and advertising industries to help decide whether to cast stars in shows or ad campaigns.
It details how recognisable a star is, and whether they inspire a positive, neutral or negative reaction in the 2000 random survey subjects.
According to the list, the top 10 most and least popular stars are:
Top 10 most popular TV stars:
  1. Hamish Blake
  2. Andrew Denton
  3. Rebecca Gibney
  4. Michael Caton
  5. John Clarke
  6. Ernie Dingo
  7. Toni Collette
  8. Jennifer Hawkins
  9. Adam Hills
  10. Magda Szubanski
The top 10 least popular TV stars:
  1. Alan Dale
  2. Ditch Davey
  3. Malcolm Douglas
  4. Joel Edgerton
  5. Anton Enus
  6. Sophie Falkiner
  7. John Foreman
  8. Kip Gamblin
  9. Andrew Hansen
  10. Paul Harrigan

Your say: Do you agree with the list? Who are your top 10 favourite TV stars?

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