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Keeping his eyes wide shut: Tom Cruise doesn't want to see Suri on social media

This is heart-wrenching.

By Carly Sitzer
It looks like Tom Cruise is going to extreme lengths to avoid his youngest child, 11-year-old Suri Cruise.
The 55-year-old has reportedly gone more than four years without seeing his youngest child, who he shares with ex-wife Katie Holmes, and now, a report claims that he doesn’t even want to see her on the Internet.
Maryann Carter is a former friend of Tom Cruise who stayed friendly with Tom since he dated her bestie back in high school and runs a Facebook fan page dedicated to the Jerry Maguire star.
She made a post alleging that he asked that all pictures of his daughter with Katie Holmes be kept off the small fan page.
“I am going to ask that no one post anything with Suri in the future. She is no longer a part of his life! If you do [post], I will erase,” she posted.
When someone asked if old pictures with Tom were still allowed, she replied, “No photos! His request.”
Tom with Katie and Suri at their 2006 nuptials.
Tom has never given a reason as to why he no longer sees his youngest child.
Many fans believe it’s because of her mother Katie Holme’s decision to abandon the Church of Scientology.
In doing so, both Katie and Suri became “suppressive people,” aka people who get in the way of Tom’s “spiritual progress.”
Tom and pictured with his youngest at the Charles River Basin in Cambridge, Massachusetts, back in 2008.
Suri is best friends with her mum, Katie Holmes.
While some may believe that “scheduling conflicts” are to blame for their estrangement, the Hollywood superstar, if he wanted to, could try to reconnect with his daughter.
Earlier this year, while promoting his movie The Mummy, he gave a rare quote about Suri.
When asked if she is interested in following in both her parents’ footsteps to become an actor, he replied, “You never know, you never know!”
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