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Inside the Today Show divide between Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight

Is Georgie out of the Today girl gang?

They successfully navigated the harsh criticism that surrounded the debut of the new-look Today together, but it appears there could be a growing divide between Georgie Gardner and Deborah Knight.
Last week, Deb shared a series of photos of herself on Instagram with fellow Nine presenters Erin Molan and Belinda Russell enjoying a wine together.
WATCH: Deborah Knight announces her pregnancy on the Weekend Today Show. Post continues after video...
"When you enjoy hanging with each other – why not catch up outside the work walls!!!... Love you," 46-year-old Deb wrote while tagging Belinda and Erin in her caption.
The feeling is clearly mutual, as weather reporter Belinda commented back, "I'm so lucky to work (and play) alongside you two fabulous women!"
Where's Georgie? Deb shared this snap of fellow Nine presenters Erin Molan and Belinda Russell enjoying a wine together. (Image: Instagram @deborah_knight)
But fans were quick to notice that Georgie, 48, was noticeably missing from the girls' night out, and wondered whether it could be a sign that there's a rift between her and Deb.
"Very telling that Georgie isn't there with them," wrote one follower.
Meanwhile, ratings for Today have hit an all-time low of 177,000 metro viewers last week, with rival Sunrise pulling 300,000 metro viewers.
Belinda, Deb and Erin clearly enjoy hanging out together. (Image: Instagram @deborah_knight)
After the first Today Show with the new line up of Georgie and Deb along with Tom Steinfort, Tony Jones and Brooke Boney, there were mixed reviews.
Viewers swamped Twitter to voice their opinions on the new lineup, with one person writing: "Changed channels. New line up of hosts is dull and boring."
Meanwhile, another wrote: "Too many people on the desk; looks crowded; get a couch & no need to have everyone with their head on at all times. Think I'll turn over to ABC for a bit & try 9 again tomorrow."
However, there were some who were satisfied with the new direction of the show.
"For the first time in a looooong time I'm watching," one Twitter user wrote.

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