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Tim Robards tells OK!: "I took on Ninja Warrior after surgery!"

The Bachelor's original hunk spills on his newest reality TV journey

By OK! team
After flashing his abs for the first time on Australia’s very first season of The Bachelor, Tim Robards plans on putting them to good use in the brand new TV series Australian Ninja Warrior.
Tim gave the Ninja Warrior course all he had!
As the homegrown hunk attempts to beat the show’s crazy obstacle course, we’re sure his fiancée and number-one fan Anna Heinrich will be front and centre cheering him on.
But it's been a tough road, Tim tells OK!. The course is freakishly intense - so much so that only seven athletes have managed to complete it worldwide - and Tim had to complete it while still recovering from bicep surgery earlier this year.

"I had to take anti-inflammatories and PRP injections just to train," he says, emphasising that his body isn’t in peak condition. "I was struggling with tendonitis in both arms after surgery."
As most competitors started specific Ninja training pre-show, Tim was still working towards rebuilding a healthy body. "I was worried of re-tearing after my surgery," he tells OK!. "I felt like all my training was just trying to get back to being able to hold my bodyweight and activate the right muscles again after having my arm in a sling for so long."

As a chiropractor, the 34-year-old is accustomed to treating patients and guiding them through recovery. Following his surgery though, Tim says having Anna by his side really helped him through.
"She knows how hard I rehabbed… not being able to dress myself and needing her to chop my food up for me," he shares. "She was very proud of me getting there on the night!"

Tim credits rigorous training and clean dieting in prepping for the course. "Most of my training revolved around grip endurance, plyometrics and balancing," he says. "I went around to many different Ninja-style training gyms trying to get exposure to as many different types of obstacles as possible."

But no amount of training could prepare Tim for being on set. "I was nervous and my adrenaline was running high all day," Tim tells OK!. "My legs felt like jelly but as I ran I got a little burst feeling the huge energy of the crowd and my family and Anna cheering me on!"

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