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EXCLUSIVE: Tiger Lily Hutchence sparks engagement rumours with boyfriend Nick Allbrook

Her dad would be so proud!

By Karleigh Smith
A touching photograph in which Tiger Lily Hutchence throws her arms around her longtime boyfriend Nick Allbrook and kisses him tenderly has sparked speculation the 23-year-old is engaged.
The candid black-and-white portrait, shared last week by Tiger and Nick's housemate India Rose, is simply captioned, "Yay for love!"
Sources close to the late Michael Hutchence's family tell Woman's Day the INXS star's daughter is "very serious" about Nick, adding that "marriage is on the cards for Tiger, but not in the traditional sense".
Sources reveal marriage on the cards for Tiger Lilly and her boyfriend Nick. (Credit: Getty, Instagram)
"Tiger and Nick have spoken of their commitment to each other, and in their own way, they are engaged," says an insider.
"They're both free spirited youngsters and I can see them saying vows to each other, but not being husband and wife within the bounds of the normal institution of marriage."
Tiger lost her dad when she was just 16 months old when he died by suicide, and her mother Paula Yates died in 2000 from a heroin overdose.
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She was raised in London by her mum's ex-husband, Sir Bob Geldof.
Since she began dating former Tame Impala musician Nick, 32, in 2017, the couple has spent time in the UK and the US before moving permanently to Perth, WA, where her dad formed his world-famous band.
"Life has come full circle for Tiger," says a source. "She feels spiritually at home in Fremantle, where she lives with Nick and India. She is head over heels in love with Nick, which is wonderful to see. He is her 'person', and she's excited to spend her life with him. Nick worships Tiger and she finally feels like she's found a world in which she can exist purely as herself rather than the tragic daughter of the late Michael Hutchence."
The source admits that Tiger is proud to have inherited her dad's dark good looks along with his musical talent.
The singer is ready to settle down with the music prodigy. (Credit: Getty)
"She can't deny that looking in the mirror is basically Michael staring back at her, which is obviously eerie," says our insider.
"She's also got his creative gene. Her and Nick spend hours playing music together. "If Michael were alive today, he would have just celebrated his 60th birthday – and his daughter finding the love of her life.
"Michael would be thrilled. He'd have approved of Nick for sure – everyone can see they're perfect for each other," says the source.
"When Tiger was born he dreamed about the day he would watch her get married, and while it's bittersweet to even think about, I'm sure he would have approved of her choice of partner and their choice to do things their own way."

Becoming a rock star like Dad!

Tiger Lily is moving towards becoming a musician like her dad. (Credit: Instagram)
Since beginning her new life in Perth, Tiger – with Nick's help – has realised her dream of becoming a musician just like Michael.
Woman's Day can reveal she's released a digital album through music-sharing website Bandcamp, titling her debut record Tragic Tiger's Sad Meltdown, along with the cover art apparently showing her bare backside.
Tiger, who despite being raised in England has a strong Australian accent, describes her whimsical, raw songs as "a little tape recording I made while in Walyalup/Fremantle. It's many different versions of a few songs and recordings of our big beautiful ocean! Wish I could upload as one long dream but it won't work."
While the lyrics are mostly hard to decipher, she appears to pay tribute to her late mum and dad by singing "I'll always love you/I'll always mourn you" in the track I Know What You Mean. Around the six-minute mark she can also be heard possibly saying, "Dad's so beautiful."

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