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Therese Kerr: I'm stepping out of Miranda's shadow

Miranda Kerr's mother Therese has denied a rift with her supermodel daughter, insisting she has simply decided to "step out of Miranda's shadow".

In an interview with the March issue of The Australian Women's Weekly, Therese, 48, said there is no truth to the rumours Miranda "sacked" her as CEO of her skincare company Kora, saying she stepped down to follow her own dreams.
"As a mum, I have lived a lot of dreams through Miranda," the 48-year-old tells the March issue of The Australian Women's Weekly. "There’s no right or wrong in that. But health and wellness is my passion. Now I am going to follow my own dream."
That dream is a personal care range called Divine by Therese Kerr, which will supply everyday products, such as hand sanitiser, deodorant and shampoo – targeted at a broader market, more widely available and lower in price than Kora’s range.
"Miranda and I just had different visions," Therese says. "She wanted to keep Kora as a premium skincare line only and I wanted to expand into personal care. So I thought I will let her do what she wants to do and I will do what I want to do as well."
Therese rejects the claim that mother and daughter have become rivals in the industry, insisting the two brands are complementary and would ideally sit side-by-side on the shelves.
"I would never do anything to compete with her because that’s just not who we are as
a family," she says. "Miranda was so supportive of me bringing this out."
Therese also rejected claims her appearance on ABC's Family Confidential program was an attack against her famous daughter. Therese and her husband appeared on the show earlier this month, making what the media reported as an "impassioned plea Miranda to come home".
"The show wasn’t intended to be and we believe wasn’t about our darling Randa, who we adore and love with all our hearts. It was about Nan and Pa, my mum, our beautiful family – our roots," she says.
"In the context of what Family Confidential is, a program which showcases the lives of Australian families, in the section where we talk about Randa’s success, we were simply being raw and honest in relation to our lives and to our family, and the impact
of that success."

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