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Friendly exes! Wiggles stars Lachy Gillespie and Emma Watkins share personal video together

Who doesn't love a dance by the beach?

By Faye Couros
Wiggles star Lachy Gillespie shared a personal video of himself dancing with his ex-wife and Wiggles co-star Emma Watkins.
The Wiggles are currently working in Wollongong, and it appears the friendly exes have taken time out of their schedule for a boogie by the sea.
Emma comes out first with a little jig before breaking out into a two-step dance, and then she calls on Lachy, and he comes out from behind the camera and attempts his own interpretation of Emma's moves.
Fans were delighted by the pure antics of the dance video, with one fan commented, "I love this relationship," and another posted, "Absolutely love the friendship still blossoming here 🙌❤️ Goals!"
This is not the first time these Wiggle exes have made a dance video together.
In March, the friends posted a video of them attempting to nail the Piu Piu TikTok dance.
The video was filmed by a lake in Tauranga, and the pair looked very happy as they awkwardly attempted to remember the dance.
But they weren't taking it too seriously and were happy just to muck about and have a bit of a laugh at their own expense.
They also edited the video to include voice clouds to mock Lachy's inspired attempt, with one pop-up scripted, "Ah, I'll get there before the end of the tour," and lastly "Nice one Em," who has a far better grasp on the steps.
The yellow and blue Wiggle were married for two years before splitting in April 2018, but they are still supportive of one another even though they have both moved on to new partners.
Lachy is engaged to his ballet dancer fiancée Dana Stephensen after they fell in love on the set of a Wiggles' DVD special.
Emma and Lachy announced their divorce on Instagram. Instagram
In September last year, the couple welcomed twin girls called Lulu and Lottie and in an interview on Channel Seven's Morning Show, Lachy gushed lovingly about his new additions.
"They are so beautiful it makes me emotional looking at them," said Lachy.
Emma has also moved on, and she recently announced her engagement to her boyfriend and Wiggle's bandmate Oliver Brian.