The Weekly’s High Tea hits Sydney

Sydney played host to the first of The Australian Women's Weekly's High Tea's and Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe was treated to a chance meeting of some very special readers.

The first of the Australian Women's Weekly's High Tea's were held at the Pavilion in Sydney.
One hundred and fifty guests were given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the workings of the magazine whilst sipping on the finest Ceylon tea from Dilmah.
Editor-in-Chief Helen McCabe spoke about her editorial decisions, what motivates, moves and inspires her to produce the magazine each month.
Associate Editor Caroline Overington and Food Director Fran Abdallaoui were asked a series of (not so) probing questions from host, columnist Amanda Blair.
The highlight of the afternoon was meeting twins Peggy Ritchie and Betty Ireland who were celebrating their 98th birthday. When they saw that the high tea event fell on August 5th they couldn't resist the opportunity to attend.
Fans of the magazine for 80 years, Peggy and Betty share one copy each month when it's delivered to the retirement home.
"I walk to the letterbox and shout 'Peggy – the Women's Weekly's arrived" says Betty. "It's a real highlight. We give it to our hairdresser when we've finished with it. She loves it too."
The ladies have promised to come along next year provided it's held on their birthday. It's a date ladies. See you next year!

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