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The truth behind The Voice live recordings

The lights, the sets, the judges, the contestants – here’s what REALLY goes on behind the scenes.

By Jacqui King
Recently, I was invited to sit in the audience of The Voice battle rounds to get a behind-the-scenes look at REALLY goes on. I’d never been to a live recording of a TV show before so I didn’t really know what to expect - but as a big fan of The Voice, I knew it’d be awesome.
In all, I was blown away - hearing the contestants live, seeing the judges up close, watching the crew run around and fix things, the list goes on.
Here are just a few of the things I saw that shocked and amazed me:
• Things don’t happen on time. We were told to get there at 4.45pm, and then when we did, we were told to come back in about 20 because things were running behind. At about 5.30, we finally made it in.
• The set isn’t as big as you’d imagine it to be, but it’s just as impressive. The big lights, the battle ring where the contestants sing, and the judges chairs are pretty mesmerising up close.
• The ushers are mega strict. But we guess they have to be – the audience is on camera too! If you try to leave for a bathroom break while filming, they’ll pounce on you and tell you to stay put. There’s a strict no-phones policy, and your belongings need to be tucked neatly under the seat so the cameras can’t see.
• You have to cheer and smile CONSTANTLY. It’s exhausting, but equally exhilarating. The producers want high energy for the show so they make you scream and cheer until the sound in the room is thunderous.
Pic via Channel 9
• The recording is a long process. For example, the host – the stunning Sonia Kruger – will come out and do her piece to camera, but sometimes she may have to do it a few times. From start to finish, I’d say the whole process takes about six or seven hours.
• The judges are on their phones a lot when they’re not on camera. Are they playing Candy Crush? Scrolling through Instagram? We’ll never know.
• Jessie J is as opinionated and feisty as she seems on TV. She disagreed with the other judges most of the time, and at one point after the crowd booed her for her critique of one of the contestants, she said: “Don’t boo me, we’re not on X Factor.” Meow!
• The judges get a lot of touch-ups. We can imagine the beaming light on them would work up a sweat, so it’s no wonder the make-up team come on every 20 minutes or so to powder their noses.
• The talent is incredible - they’re almost flawless. We seriously don’t envy the judges in making their decisions.
Pic via Channel 9
• Sonia took off her stilettos and changed into thongs in between filming. She’s my kinda girl!
• It’s Ronan Keating’s first time in the judges’ seat this year and he’s awesome. But he's no Mr Nice Guy (as you guys would have seen through the blind auditions) - he tells it exactly how it is. Maybe Jessie J has met her match!
My final verdict on what to expect this year? I think season five is going to be bigger and better than ever before. The Koi boys are so upbeat you can’t help by dance in (or out of) your seat, and Marcia has got a real powerhouse voice.
There may be a little tension between the judges this year and that makes it thrilling to watch on TV. I can’t wait to see what’s yet to come!
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