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The truth behind Married At First Sight

Sneaky producers or par for the course? They signed up for unreality TV.

Whether you love it or loathe it the social experiment if Married at First sight is nothing if not controversial.
Train wreck TV is strangely alluring and season two has proved to have its fair share of rocky romances, explosive moments and awkward chats between virtual strangers who have tied the imaginary knot.
But all is not as it seems, reports DailyMail, with producers pulling wily tactics to up the heat, sometimes literally.
Two of the cast took to social media prior to their weddings to give us clues as to why they were feeling less than wedding-ready and looking a little peaky as they walked down the aisle.
© instagram simbaleebrennan
Bride, Simone, said she was forced to wait in a hot car with no air-conditioning for 2.5 hours before her wedding. That’s enough to make the calmest bride agitated before her nuptials. This snap shows her clearly sweltering, and she wrote a comment to fellow bride Erin to confirm it.
“The car was SO hot, no air con, and I was in it for 2.5 hours!”
Bride, Claire, was also stuck in a car but instead of heat making her uncomfortable it was her bladder.
“Nothing like circling in a car for 2.5 hours, in a tight dress when you need to pee to make you look really comfortable,” she also commented on the picture.
While the brides were feeling nervous excitement about meeting their grooms for the first time, spending hours in cars beforehand only heightened their emotions… tough for them, great tv for us.
A bride who knows she is not good with boats would never knowingly book a wedding at sea, so when Christie saw that her wedding du jour was afloat she panicked a little. Producers keeping her below deck for hours had a predictable effect and Christie’s wedding day was punctuation with nausea and a desire to either throw up or throw herself off the side.
Dinner parties filmed until the wee hours of the morning with little food but free flowing wine provide most excellent viewing because everyone behaves at their best when they’re exhausted with a belly full of barely more than booze.
The thing is, these guys signed up for the ride. We all know that reality TV is hardly reality but a combination of production and editing in a beautifully orchestrated symphony that plays to draw in the viewer.
The cast’s desire to find the right partner, even if it’s a stranger, compelled them the roll the dice in this surreal experiment, so trainwrecks, bursting bladders and awkwardness is really just par for the course.

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