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The truth about James and Mariah’s romance

What really happened when James Packer met Mariah Carey? The Weekly talks to Packer insiders about the glitz, glamour and sizzling attraction behind this fascinating billionaire romance.

It was December 28, 2013, in Aspen and James was in his chalet, hanging out with a few close mates, among them Brett Ratner, Hollywood film producer and close friend of Mariah’s.
On a whim, Brett texted Mariah. She was out to dinner with friends but agreed to drop by later.
James was shoeless in white sports socks. Mariah was glamorous in a cropped black python skin jacket and large diamond chandelier earrings. Onlookers say James was entranced.
“He was blown away by her, but to be fair, everyone in the room was too,” a friend who witnessed the encounter tells the April issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly. “She’s one of the kindest and most charming people you could ever meet. There are people who have charisma and warmth and it’s not real. Hers is absolutely genuine.”
They caught up intermittently over the next few months until Easter last year, when James stepped up his efforts to woo her, sending expensive gifts and flowers.
Less than a year later, they announced their engagement. But is it for real?
“They really do love and admire each other,” says a friend. “It’s a very caring and deep relationships; it’s not for show. Just like anyone who gets engaged, they want to commit to each other for the long term and share their lives together.”
Read more of this story in the April issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, on sale now.

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