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The most talked about moments of the 2016 ARIA Awards

From Flume’s absolute domination to John Farnham’s spine-tingling performance, and of course all the cringe moments in between – the 30th annual ARIA Awards were brimming with entertainment.

By Chloe Lal and Bella Brennan
Kylie Minogue and fiancée Joshua Sasse’s surprise appearance
What’s the ARIAs without our favourite pop princess making a cameo? The 2011 ARIA Hall of Fame inductee and her fiancée, Joshua Sasse, took to the stage to introduce Troy Sivan’s performance and make an impassioned speech about a cause very close to their hearts – marriage equality.
Donning their famous “say I do Down Under” T-shirts, Kylie began: “We are here to introduce a shining light in there Australian music industry, but we are also here to say thank you to everyone who supported Josh's campaign for equality.”
"Thank you sweetheart. This is more than just a movement. This is people's lives, and we want to say to every single member of the LGBT community - you are not alone."
"You have a voice. If we all stand together, we can bring Australia back on the right side of history and make 2017 the year that we all say, "I do", Down Under,” Josh added.
The engaged couple have been campaigning tirelessly for marriage equality in Australia.
Montaigne gives the most awkward speech ever
Scooping up her gong for Breakthrough Artist, a nervous Montaigne stumbled through her acceptance speech before shedding light on her toilet habits.
“I must remember that for the rest of my life I will probably eject at least three loads out of my butt every week, at least three times,” the 21-year-old confessed while trying to prove a point about staying humble. Taking to Twitter after her gaffe, the signer explained her nerves got the best of her.
“So you're probably wondering why my speech was incomprehensible. It's because I wrote something COMPLETELY COMPREHENSIBLE and then decided FOR SOME STUPID REASON not to read it. It was actually a VERY CLEVER speech but now look what happened,” she penned.
Oh dear! Montaigne rambled about going to the loo during her acceptance speech.
Kyle Sandilands vs. Sophie Monk
Every good awards show needs cringe-worthy encounters between hosts and Kyle Sandilands and Sophie Monk brought the awks in spades! The duo engaged in some banter before presenting the Best Pop release award with Kyle teasing Sophie about her days in the now defunct band Bardot.
“How many ARIAs did you win when you were in Bardot?” Kyle teased. “None,” Sophie bluntly replied.
“Sorry about that. Ripped off I say... Why don’t you bring the girls back together again?” Kyle continued.
The morning after, Kyle told his co-host Jackie O that Sophie was livid at his comments. “Sophie went mad at me after that. She’s like, ‘Put me on the spot about putting the girls back... we never got on!’”
Sophie was furious that Kyle brought up her Bardot days.
John Farnham is still the voice!
And that’s how you end the ARIAs! Living legend John Farnham closed off the evening by performing the unofficial Aussie anthem You’re the Voice and the crowd loved it.
Watch the magic unfold in the player below!
John Farnham slayed his performance of You're The Voice.
The Veronicas gave hosting a red hot go
From performing topless to toppling on jokes – The Veronicas tried their very best with hosting Australia’s music industry’s biggest night. The girls were brought in at the last minute, after a sick Delta Goodrem had to pull out of hosting the 30th anniversary edition.
Jess and Lisa may have warned viewers at the beginning of the show that they’re “loose cannons”, but no one was prepared for their awkward jokes, which included the siblings attempting to win best comedy album.
Thankfully, the girl were able to salvage their comedy routine by setting the stage ablaze with their incredible performance of their nominated Aussie hit In My Blood.
Check out Ruby Rose's hilarious reaction to her naked girlfriend's performance... Keep scrolling for more!
The siblings decided that their smashing vocals needed to be teamed up with a bold look: going completely naked from the waist up, instead slathering glittery blood red body paint across every inch of their waists and chests.
Minutes after their set, the sisters were back on stage without a skerrick of glitter to be seen.
Fans were left scratching their heads over the logistics of their performance but Jess has since explained the magic behind the stunt on Instagram.
"It took the worlds best makeup & special effects team to get us ready for last night's performance & hosting. We are so lucky to work with the incredible [team]. This team had 20mins to get all the glitter off our bodies. They were incredible," she explained on Instagram.
The girls also wore skin-tight latex pants to emphasise the naked look and bright red body paint was adorned all over their top halves.
While others have been speculating their set may have been pre-recorded.
Meanwhile, Jess’ girlfriend Ruby Rose was delighted with the topless display. Although she couldn’t be there for the performance, the Orange is the New Black star did watch it from home.
"Oh my God," Ruby repeats to the camera multiple times. "I cannot deal. I'm sorry, but is this real life?"
The loved up star also shared a snap of her main squeeze on Instagram, penning, "R.I.P. me."
Jess quickly responded, "You are everything."

Troye Sivan and Flume are the real ARIA winners
The boys, who both took home multiple awards, used their time on stage to fight for LBGT rights and lockout laws.
Troye Sivan, just 21 years old, delivered one of the most impassioned speeches the ARIAS has ever seen in its 30 years.
After winning Apple Music Song of the Year for his hit Youth, Troye used his time to voice his views on same-sex marriage.
“To me, this is an issue,” the openly gay star said.
“This is for every gay Australian kid who wants to make music, you can do it and win an ARIA too.”
“It feels like it’s no longer an issue of the people, more of the politicians.”
“It’s only a matter of time [before it happens] but we can’t get complacent. We have to keep going. It feels like Australia is a progressive open and safe country, and it is just sad that doesn’t feel like it’s being portrayed that way politically.”
He went on to move the crowd as he accepted the award for Song of the Year. “This is for every gay Australian kid who wants to make music, you can do it and win an ARIA too.”
Watch his incredible speech below! ARIAS magic continues...
Flume wins big!
Flume, who lead the night with the most nominations, took home five ARIAS including “the one I really wanted” Album of the Year and Best Male Artist.
Using his time on stage for good, Flume aka Harley Streten addressed the ongoing issue of Sydney’s lockout laws, which he believes is stifling others the creative opportunities he had.
"I want to say a big thank you to… the small venues and the small parties that are doing what they're doing, because that's where music evolves," he said as he accepted the Best Dance Release gong.
"That's where all the exciting stuff happens, and that's what's getting shut down right now. To our policy-makers and our politicians, please keep Sydney open so that the young artists of the next generation can have the same opportunities that I had."
Check out Flume in the video below! Article continues...
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