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The Project's Tommy Little admits: "I'm not dating anyone!"

For the comedian and host, being funny is a full-time job.

By Thomas Mitchell
Getting an opportunity to chat to Tommy Little is a big deal, because, as the comedian admits, he has precious little free time.
"I think my next day off is sometime in July," he jokes.
Between co-hosting The Project on Network Ten, doing stand-up comedy and presenting a daily radio show alongside Carrie Bickmore, Tommy is a busy man.
Luckily, we found an opening in his diary.
Here, the 33-year-old tells us about the inspirational women in his life, the reason he's not dating right now – and why Peter Helliar had better watch his back!
Tommy reveals his aspirations to write and act.
You're a regular on The Project these days. What do you like about the show?
I love being in the studio with the team. It's also weirdly relaxing, because I don't have my phone on me, which I quite enjoy.
But no matter how well it's going, I always have a fear in the back of my head that I'm going to accidentally swear.
I'm scared I'm just one word away from everything falling apart. Then, people will ask, "Whatever happened to Tommy Little?" "Oh, he swore on air and then disappeared into obscurity."
Tommy is right at home on The Project alongside Hamish MacDonald and Lisa Wilkinson.
Lisa Wilkinson joined the panel this year and you're often on air together. What was it like when she started?
I was nervous the first day and just really hoped she liked me. I think she does, or she has a great poker face.
If you speak to her, find out and let me know! But it's been great. She's been in the business for so long and is so good at what she does.
Between Lisa and your radio co-host Carrie, you've really got lucky.
Tell me about it! They're both strong, admirable and funny women.
I've spent my whole life finding women more talented than I am and then just holding on and riding their coat-tails.
Tommy talks dating apps with Denise Scott on Hughesy, We Have A Problem.
A lot of people graduate from part-time panellist to full-time host on The Project. Is that something you've thought about?
One of my good friends, Peter Helliar, is the main panellist. I love what he does, and it's his job, so at the moment I'm just happy when I can fill in.
But I'm always suggesting overseas holidays for him or sending him to dodgy Chinese restaurants to get food poisoning. Anything to keep him out of the chair!
You recently shared some revealing modelling shots online for charity – it's no wonder you're a hit with the ladies! Is your diary overflowing with dates?
It's a catch-22. I work nights, so it's almost physically impossible to date.
That said, I get to meet girls much more attractive than me. Usually, the lowest point in their dating life coincides with the highest point in mine.

Is having a public profile a help or a hindrance?
I don't think I'm famous enough for that to matter.
If you think dating me is going to give you a boost, you're not shooting for the stars, you're shooting for slightly under the middle. Aim higher.
Are you single and looking to mingle at the moment?
Yeah, I'm not dating anyone. It's comedy festival season, so I'll be on tour a lot. I've tried to see people through that period and it's not healthy for either party.
This year, I'm taking the adult approach and shutting up shop. It's smart in reality, but I'll probably just lie awake at night regretting the decision.
You do stand-up, TV and radio. Is there anything else you'd like to have a crack at?
I'd love to do some acting and writing.
I live with [comedian] Luke McGregor, so I've witnessed firsthand the trials and tribulations of him writing [ABC series] Rosehaven. But I'd love to do that at some stage, and I'd love to act.

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