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The FRIENDS star officially stopping a reunion from going ahead

Surprisingly, it's not one of the girls.

How's this for something that makes you feel old? It's been eleven years, ELEVEN, since the final episode of FRIENDS aired. Eleven years since the tearful episode where they handed back the apartment keys and moved their separate ways. Eleven years since we closed the door on the most successful television sitcom of all time.
We've been waiting for a reunion ever since. All we want to know is how did Monica and Chandler's marriage turn out? Did they have more kids? Did Ross and Rachel have a happy ever after? Or did they take another 'break'? What about Joey? Is he still asking every woman in sight how they're doing? And what about Phoebe and Mike? Oh. So many questions remain unanswered.
But yesterday, during an interview with Yahoo, Courtney Cox who played Monica Bing finally revealed she's not the one against the idea of the cast getting back together at Central Perk cafe.
"We've not really had a 'Friends' reunion," Cox said. "We've gotten about 80 per cent there, but there's always one person who flakes at the end."
"I'm not going to name names, but it may not be Schwimmer."
She is of course referring to David Schwimmer who played her brother on the show, Ross Gellar.
To add further salt to the wound Cox said a FRIENDS movie is definitely not on the cards. "Dear Lord, let it go people," she told Yahoo. "We're not doing it."
Ok then, Courtney. We can take a hint.

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