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The Logies red carpet reveals new details on upcoming TV shows

It was a celebration of Australian TV last night at the Logie Awards, so we grilled a few well-known faces about upcoming programs and what we can expect.

The TV Week Logies is a celebration of Australian TV and recognising the incredible homegrown talent we see every night on the telly, but it’s also a chance for the actors to tell people their new projects.
Last night we chatted to a few celebs and got the gossip about upcoming TV shows and what we can expect!
  • Funnymen Fitzy and Wippa will be coming on board as hosts to revive the show 20 to 1. The comedy duo will be reviving the clip show once hosted by Bert Newton. Covering all things pop culture, sport, music, TV, movies and current affairs, we’ll be seeing it on TV at the start of June.
  • Scotty Cam told us a little about the new season of The Block! They’ve bought property in Port Melbourne and begin shooting in two weeks. They’re down to 20 couples at the moment so they’ll have a tough few weeks ahead to select the final contestants.
  • Bert and Patti Newton are teaming up and joining the all-star cast of Follies in Concert at the Melbourne Recital Centre on May 24 and 25! Patti said about the exciting news: “It’s an amazing cast with Lisa McCune, David Hobson, Nancy Haig. We’ve only got a cameo in it but it’s great.”
  • John Jarrat is returning for the third time as the terrifying outback serial killer Mick Taylor in the mini series Wolf Creek coming to Stan May 12. Co-star Lucy Fry told us: “You’ll be scared shitless for the first 20 minutes.” John followed up with “You’re not going to be disappointed. When we asked him if it was hard getting back into character, John said it was like riding a bike. “The first [film] was hard, then I worked it out and I realised I didn’t make a mess of it and people accepted the character I came up with so I knew it worked. After a while, it’s like riding a bike.”
  • We’ll be seeing The Block’s Dee and Darren Jolly on our screens again! Dee said last night: “The house we’re [building] is also being filmed on 9Life and there’s some other shows coming up on 9Life that you might see me on too!”
  • New Bachelor Richie Strahan and host Osher Günsberg walked the red carpet together “Very well, it’s all exciting, isn’t it?” Unfortunately, the two kept their lips sealed on when we can expect it to be coming to TV. “I will say one thing, this is the most fun, funniest shoot of all seasons of The Bachelor. The girls are super smart, super funny, we piss ourselves every night we watch the cocktail parties.”
Unfortunately we won’t be hearing much of Richie’s mutterings of ‘cool bananas’ this time round, instead he told he’s been saying ‘crikey’ a lot!
  • Jessica Marais told us a little about the new Channel 10 show The Wrong Girl. Based on the book by Zoe Foster Blake, Jessica plays the role of Lily, a woman navigating life and love and all that’s in between. “I just love going to work every day. It’s a completely different thing obviously to Love Child and I’m having so much fun working with such a great cast. I’m loving working in Melbourne, I think Melbourne the city has a very different vibe to Sydney and it’s almost like a third character in the show. I just laugh at work all day.”
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