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The Block's Suzi Taylor breaks her silence on her relationship with Geoffrey Edelsten

Millionaire playboy Geoffrey Edelsten seems to have got his romance wires crossed yet again.

By Amber Manto
The 73-year-old recently confirmed he and former reality star and Penthouse Pet Suzi Taylor are dating, after the pair was spotted at event together in Melbourne over the weekend.
“I am euphoric,” he told the Herald Sun.
“I am enjoying her company and the relationship very much indeed.”
Geoffrey is smitten with his new love.
However, the 44-year-old former Block star tells a very different story, posting on her Instagram that she is “very much single” and not looking for love right now.
“Don't believe anything you read about me in any of the garbage press!"
"I'm very much single, and my sole attention and focus is on my beautiful children who I love dearly. I have no room in my life at present for a man,” she brunette beauty wrote.

This morning she reconfirmed her single status on KIIS FM’s Summer Fling, stating that her and the Geoffrey are most “definitely not” an item.
“I am not dating Geoffrey Edelsten,” she told hosts Sophie Monk and Matty Acton.
“Give me a little more credit than that... I have met him once in my life and had a photograph taken with him.”
This isn’t the first time Geoffrey has awkwardly got his wires crossed when it comes to his love-life. In October he gushed he was dating busty Playboy model Ashley Kirk - claims which were later adamantly denied by the 26-year-old.
Ashley Kirk has no recollection of ever dating the millionaire.
It's been a rocky road for the 73-year-old, since his marriage with US-born Brynne Edelsten ended early 2014 and his on-again-off-again union with Gabi Grecko came to a final halt late 2015.
Sadly, he hasn't been able to find himself a new flame.
Hopefully the new year brings him some more luck.

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