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EXCLUSIVE: Tools down, ring on! The Block’s Tash Pavlou announces her engagement

''I turned around and there he was down on one knee!''

By Wade Sellers
After taking home $650,000 alongside her father Harry 
at The Block's auction last year, Natasha Pavlou has added another momentous milestone to her life – she's engaged!
In an exclusive interview with Woman's Day, Tash, 32, details the moment Brad, her boyfriend of four years, conventionally proposed in 
a not-so conventional place – and 
how a house of their own and kids 
are not far away.
"He proposed at our local dog park," Tash laughs.
"He asked me if I wanted to take the dogs for a walk, so we took them to the park around the corner from our home in Richmond, and Brad all of a sudden told me he wanted to film our dog. So he got out his phone and filmed himself throwing the ball, and while she was retrieving it, I turned around and there he was down on one knee with the ring!" she gushes.
And while dog droppings and barking had the potential to ruin the big moment, Brad, 35, says the location played an important role 
in popping the question.
"The park has been a daily part of our lives, it's a special place to us," he says.
The reality star is engaged to her boyfriend of four years, Brad (Kelly Gardner Photography)
"It just made sense for me to do it there. I didn't want to make too much 
of a big deal about it... keep it special between us."
A thrilled Tash was surprised by 
the proposal, but she wasn't entirely unprepared...
"About an hour after the proposal, Tash miraculously had folders upon folders of wedding research – venues, dresses, all 
of it... it was magical how it just appeared out of nowhere," he laughs.
But Tash insists, "I had to be prepared! I thought it was going to be another 
six years!"
Tash's Block partner, dad Harry, is thrilled (Kelly Gardner Photography)
While the couple's dream nuptials would have been to go overseas to Greece for a destination wedding, Tash and Brad acknowledge that it may not be possible with COVID-19 still looming, so they've begun to look for venues in Melbourne.
"It'll be around early next year, but it is really nice 
to enjoy this time as an engaged couple," says Tash.
The budding singer says she's keen to keep the ceremony intimate – around 120 guests – and says it won't be too over the top, but 
does admit she'll add in 
a bit of sparkle, thanks to 
her TV winnings.
Brad worked with a local jeweller to design Tash's stunning ring (Kelly Gardner Photography)
"We want a really beautiful wedding, but we're not going 
to over-extend ourselves," says Tash.
"We might put a few thousand in there, make sure everyone stays hydrated! But that money will mostly go towards our first home."
When asked if they were accommodating space for a nursery as they looked for a home, Tash says it's certainly on their radar.
"It's funny, the first thing I got when we told Brad's mum was, 'Hurry up with the wedding so you can start having babies!'" she laughs.
"We want to enjoy this time but kids will be on the cards not too long after, for sure."

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