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The Block's Suzi Taylor charged with assaulting her Tinder date

She will appear in a Brisbane court today to face the charges.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Suzi Taylor, the controversial reality TV star who appeared on The Block in 2015, has been arrested and is set to face a Brisbane court this morning, after she and a male accomplice allegedly assaulted a man she met on Tinder, before allegedly forcing him to transfer money into a bank account.
Police say the 49-year-old attacked her 33-year-old date at his home around midnight on Wednesday after he refused to hand over any money. Then, the duo allegedly stole the victim's bank card and withdrew a some of money from an ATM.
Suzi has been charged with extortion with intent to gain benefit with the threat of detriment, deprivation of liberty, assault occasioning bodily harm, possessing dangerous drugs and breach of bail condition, as has her 22-year-old male accomplice, named on court documents as Ali Ebrahmi.
The former Playboy model turned real estate agent is famous for her wild antics.
During her time on The Block, she was photographed partying topless on a boat in Melbourne's Docklands, and was later found unconscious on the set of the renovation show.
She was taken to hospital and reportedly suffered from a severe anxiety attack.
"They've said she collapsed from 'exhaustion', but the exhaustion was also the result of non-stop partying throughout the Spring Racing Carnival," a source told Woman's Day at the time.
Suzi apologised on the show for her behaviour.
"I suppose I have a few words to say to everyone. If I've caused anyone any embarrassment I totally regret it," she said at the time.
"I've had a lot of personal issues going on in my life - which I suppose a lot of people do. I'm getting a lot better and I've had amazing support and I want to say to everyone that I feel for you all."
A recent pic from Suzi's Instagram account. Instagram
And she insisted she was "on the road to recovery."
"I think the biggest thing with a problem in your life is to acknowledge it and own it. And so that's what I've done. I've sought help and Channel Nine and everyone have been amazing," Suzi added.
"I encourage everyone out there who is going through any sort of depression in life or serious problems to go and seek help and get better."
This is not the first time Suzi has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Instagram
Suzi's colourful love life has also been the subject of constant headlines. She claims to have had intense, romantic relationships with several high-profile men, including Channel Nine entertainment journalist Richard Wilkins and late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence.
Suzi boasted about her love life in an interview with The Courier Mail in 2016, where she divulged juicy details about her reported steamy hookups with Wilkins.
"We were at the Channel 9 telethon when we first connected," the mother-of-three said.
"From there, I would go to Sydney to see him. He gave me access to his house and I would be there in my underwear waiting for him when he got home from work."
Suzi and Richard Wilkins. Supplied
She claimed their relationship ended abruptly after Wilkins dumped her over the phone.
"Dickie was nothing compared to Michael Hutchence," Suzi said, after a cosy photo of the pair appeared online. "Not in the same league."
Wilkins has emphatically denied the relationship, saying in a statement: "I am not romantically involved with Suzi from The Block".
WATCH BELOW: See Suzi Taylor's quirky antics on The Block. Story continues after video.
Suzi claims that during her relationship with Michael Hutchence, she became his "girl on the Gold Coast".
"Michael Hutchence was a close friend of mine," she told A Current Affair in 2015.
"We met when I think Michael needed company in his life. He would give me a call and have a lovely catch up."

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