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The Bachelor Australia 2017 EXCLUSIVE: Tara's mum is Perfect Match's Debbie Newsome

The bubbly love hopeful is just like her iconic mum.

By Lucy Manly
She’s gaining fans for her comical one-liners on The Bachelor Australia 2017 but what viewers of the reality dating show may not know about Tara, is her mum is former Bond girl and Perfect Match hostess, Debbie Newsome!
“Growing up I didn’t think she was different to any other mothers,” says the Gold Coast-based nanny.
“Maybe a little bit more out there because she’s an entertainer – she’s loud, fun and super cool,”The Bachelor Australia 2017 contestant added.
“I’d say I have her personality, I’m very bubbly like her.”
Tara is vying for Matty's heart...
And finding love on TV runs in the family.
As the star of 80s hit dating show Perfect Match it’s an uncanny coincidence Tara would go on to star on a reality dating show of her own.
“Mum was very supportive when I told her I was going to go on The Bachelor,” she says adding that her mum even hopes a revival of her old hit show could potentially catapult Tara to stardom.
“She said that they will need to bring back Perfect Match and I could be the hostess!” laughs the 27-year-old beauty adding that her mum is always pestering her for Bachelor gossip!
“She bugs me about how often I’m in episodes and if I’ve gotten a date yet!”
Tara was on our cover with her famous mummy!
Debbie still has it!
As a regular Woman’s Day fixture, Debbie, 55, introduced Tara – her first and only daughter to the world in an exclusive magazine cover photo shoot 27-years-ago.
“Yes, I was a famous baby!” laughs Tara when she recalls her cover star moment at only a few weeks old.
As a former bikini model, Debbie is no stranger to photo-shoots and its something Tara has always been present for.
“Mum is genetically blessed! I take after my dad’s side – definitely not a bikini model that’s for sure!” she laughs.

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