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How Terri lrwin is helping Russell Crowe with his body transformation

The wildlife warrior is helping the actor get his health back on track.

Russell Crowe looked like a different man when he jetted into Sydney last week.
The 55-year-old movie star, who has been packing on the pounds for various roles, looked noticeably slimmed down – and his new physique is said to be huge relief to close friend and rumoured love interest Terri Irwin.
"Terri's been really worried about Russell and has voiced her concern over his weight – she's warned him that with so much of it around his belly he's putting himself at risk of numerous diseases and that he could have a stroke or heart attack," reveals an insider, adding that Terri has been desperately trying to encourage him to get his health back on track.
Rusty is slimming down after bulking up for movie roles. Image: Getty
"She's instructed the on-set chef [of his latest movie] to make him special meals as well as having his assistant stock up on healthy snacks," says our source.
"She's made him cut out sugar after he admitted to gorging on cupcakes and tubs of ice-cream."
Russell pictured in June, 2019. Image: Getty
And while Russell was initially reticent to take Terri's help, he's now realised she's only doing it because she cares so much.
Adds the source, "Russell knows it's in his best interest and he has to take action before he does permanent damage to his health."
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Longtime friend Terri has been giving Rusty some health tips. Image: Getty

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