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This fan theory about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston will blow your mind

Could this elaborate theory explain why the couple simply can’t stop packing on the PDA?

Naturally, there’s been a complete an utter media frenzy surrounding Taylor Swift’s, well… swift transition into her new, picture perfect relationship with actor Tom Hiddleston.
But now, a fan theory has emerged suggesting that the 10-time Grammy award winner’s new romance is all for show, and when we look at the evidence, we can’t help but wonder - have we all been played?
The people of the internet have done some sleuthing and have finally come to the conclusion that Taylor and Tom have been filming a music video for the release of her new album this entire time.
Let’s look at the evidence.
Hmm... Now that we think about it, Hiddleswift's romance does look like a scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie.
Taylor is due for a new album
History would indicate that the blonde beauty typically releases a new record every two years. In 2014, she released 1989. 2012 saw the release of Red, and two years prior to that the world was treated to Speak Now.
The starlet also tends to release a single a few months prior to the whole album drop, so if this theory checks out, a new single would debut in September – which is also around the time of the Emmys in which Tom is expected to be nominated for an award.
The paparazzi have been able to get uncharacteristically close to the 'it' couple.
All paparazzi images have come from the same agency
The couple have been snapped all over the world, in many different locations, from the beach in Long Island to the Colosseum in Rome.
Apart from the fact that on each occasion they look picture perfect and ready for their close up, all images have been available to the media from the same image agency.
See Taylor and Tom's PDA-filled European holiday in the clip below. Post continues...
Body language experts say their PDA “looks staged”
"Whether Tom and Taylor are loved-up or not their poses do look staged and rather self-conscious."
She added, "Either they are using their PDAs as a form of press release to announce their current state of romantic bliss or they are just keen to show both stars in a positive light in terms of desirability and acting ability."
The couple have taken very big steps in a very short amount of time.
In celebration of July Fourth, the Bad Blood songstress hosted an epic bash with her infamous squad and her new beau.
Snaps from the day were paraded all over social media, but none was more telling than the loved-up snap uploaded by Tay’s best friend Britany LaManna.
In the PDA-packed pic, the 26-year-old sits on the 35-year-old’s lap as they the gaze into each other’s eyes beside married couple, Ryan Reynolds and his pregnant wife Blake Lively, who we must say look a tad more natural in each other’s company.
Earlier that same day, the handsome Brit was pictured with a fake heart tattoo adorned with a ‘T’, which matched perfectly with his ‘I heart T.S.’ singlet.
A strange thing to wear just weeks into a new relationship, don't you think?
Always picture perfect!

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