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"I'll be keeping it quite natural on the wedding day": Tayla Damir spills the details on her bridal beauty routine

The Love Island star spills her skincare secrets.

By Maddison Leach
Tayla Damir announced her engagement less than two months ago, but she's already prepping her skin for her wedding.
The Love Island alum wants to let her natural beauty shine through when she walks down the aisle, meaning skincare is the first step when it comes to wedding prep.
"The wedding is still quite a long time away but I already have such a good skincare routine," she tells TV WEEK.
Tayla announced her beautiful engagement in June, but she's had her bridal skincare sorted for ages already. Instagram
"I don't usually put a lot of makeup on anyway even if it is for a big event, so I'll just be keeping it quite natural on the [wedding] day, and making sure that my skin is prepped and glowing so it doesn't need a whole lot of makeup."
That's right; we can expect a natural bridal beauty look from Talya when she says "I do" to fiancé and AFL star Nathan Broad.
Though they're currently locked down in Melbourne, the happy couple have wedding plans on their mind.
"Nathan's really supportive and he's having a lot of input as well, so I'm sure it will come together on the day," Tayla says.
Around Australia, millions of Aussies have had wedding plans cancelled or delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, but she's not letting that ruin her buzz.
Saying that she and Nathan are of the mind that "whatever will be, will be", Tayla already has proof that lockdown can't put a damper on their romance.
Nathan proposed to her in lockdown in June, Tayla confessing: "Even with our engagement, it all worked out in the end anyway and it was the best way for us to go about it."
Though, she admits one thing did get her down when she actually started to think about planning the wedding itself.

"Originally, I was riding the [engagement] high, and then I hit a real low when I realised how much you have to plan for a wedding!"
It's true that a lot goes into wedding planning, and Tayla says skincare is one of the important factors leading up to her big day (which is still a while away).
She plans to keep up with her current skincare routine using the Bangn Body Hydrating Facial Cleanser and Firming Lotion, which gives her the clear, glowing complexing we all envy.
Of course, lockdown can wreak havoc on anyone's skin, so Tayla, who is an ambassador for Bangn Body, has been taking it a step further lately.
"The one thing that I've really been loving doing is at least once a week making sure that I set time aside to treat my skin like I'm going to a day spa," she reveals.
Tayla is a beauty ambassador for Bangn Body and swears by their products. Instagram
"I do a really deep exfoliation with the Bangn Body Smooth Skin Scrub, and I don't just do my face, I do all over my body and make sure I give the skin on my body the love it needs."
She also does at-home facials and even goes to the supermarket for budget eye patches to wear while she's meditating – talk about relatable.
A big believer of not changing what isn't broken, Tayla plans to maintain her routine until the wedding, then anything extra to give her skin a boost closer to the day.
Of course, maintaining clear, glowing skin isn't just about the products you're putting on it. Tayla explains that people often underestimate the power of mental health and food on their skin.
"I know sometimes when my mental health isn't that great, I'll want sugary food or things that maybe aren't as good for me, and obviously that's going to reflect on my skin," she says.
"Your skin, as a female as well, can be really temperamental depending on your hormones… sometimes it is out of our control!"
Having struggled with adult acne in the past, Tayla admits she used to be really hard on herself when it came to her skin.
But improving her mental health also changed the way she looks at her skin and body, and she's been much kinder to herself since.
"I really try to be understanding of my skin and the way my body changes," she says.
Plus, some of the things that boost her mental wellbeing help keep her skin fresh and glowing too, like getting out in the yard for some Vitamin D during lockdown.
Tayla has been kinder on herself and her skin while in lockdown in Melbourne. Instagram
She confesses: "I think a lot of people forget to do something so simple as that."
With lockdowns ongoing around the nation, Tayla says she's pretty used to being stuck inside and is trying to focus on the things she's grateful for.
"There are a lot of people who are a lot worse off in lockdown so I'm always grateful for my house, and the warmth and lots of things like that," she says.
For now her focus is on using her time at home to reconnect with friends and family back home in Perth, who have been a huge support during Melbourne's many lockdowns.
"It's been really nice to have that downtime to be able to check in and FaceTime," Tayla says, but won't mention if she's been chatting with anyone from Love Island.

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