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Health fears for super slender Tara Reid

When Tara Reid uploaded an Instagram picture of herself at a stunning Puerto Rican waterfall during a recent holiday, her followers barely noticed the beautiful backdrop.

The American Pie actress, posing in a skimpy string bikini with two friends, appeared terribly thin.
She’s always been slight, but many fans were quick to point out that she may have gone too far this time.
The 40-year-old shared this smiling photo, but followers were quick to point out her bony chest.
“30 pounds [13kg] would do you good,” wrote one of her Instagram followers.
Another simply added, “Too skinny.”
Many comments were too explicit for Woman’s Day online to report.
Tara has become more well-known for her fluctuating body shape than her acting in recent years, especially when she underwent an infamously botched boob job.
Tara in her breakout role as Vicky in American Pie.
Not that the 40-year-old, who shot to fame in the crude teen movie American Pie in 1999, doesn't care what people think.
“I’m just what I am,” she says. “So if you wanna get mad at me because I’m skinny, go ahead.”

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