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Tania Zaetta shares positive (and adorable) update on her newborn twins

It's almost home time for the tiny tots!

By Jess Pullar
While Tania Zaetta has made a name for herself overseeing bold and brave challenges as the host of Who Dares Wins, something quite different has posed the greatest challenge yet to the former TV star.
The 48-year-old gave birth to twins earlier in September, a boy and a girl named Alby and Kenzie.
While the babies were delivered safely, Tania revealed they've been kept in hospital isolettes for "safe monitoring." But now, it looks like they're well on the way to getting home safe and sound.
Tania and her partner Chris Rogers were over the moon to share their newborn twins with the world. Image: Instagram / @taniazaetta
Tania shared an update to Instagram on Wednesday evening saying, "The twins are 2 weeks old today 🎉 Alby & Kenzie are out of their isolette bubbles & wearing clothes for the first time wohoo!"
She went on to add: "[This] means they're a few steps closer to coming home with us. So hard to leave them behind each afternoon but they're doing great & very happy little ones ☺️ #twins #newborn #babies".
This is a positive update from Tania, who mentioned the babies had arrived a few weeks early.
In June, she also revealed to Woman's Day that she had left it too late to have a baby naturally, so she decided to take the first step towards parenthood three years ago.
"I drove home in tears to Chris and he was just so beautiful and supportive," she said.
Tania shared an update with her newborn twins to Instagram, saying "Alby & Kenzie are out of their isolette bubbles & wearing clothes for the first time". Image: Instagram / @taniazaetta
She decided to share her story with Woman's Day, to debunk "fertility myths" that had potential to stop some women from becoming mothers.
She said despite starting her family later than expected, she had always wanted to be a mum.
"I was single for a long time, and I wanted to wait for the right man – and Chris was the right man," she said.
After looking at all the options out there on giving birth in her late forties, she and Chris decided to use donor eggs. They were thrilled when it worked for the first time with IVF.
"I had tears of joy rolling down my face, and when the 
12-week scan showed a second heartbeat, it was absolutely incredible," she said.
We can't wait to hear more updates from the doting new mum!
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