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After six months on maternity leave, Sylvia Jeffreys has made her grand return to work at Today Extra

''I haven't had a lot of sleep in five months.''

By Faye Couros
Sylvia Jeffreys has made her grand return to work after welcoming her youngest son, Henry, five months ago.
The Today Extra co-host, who took six months off for parental leave, took to Instagram to celebrate being back at Channel Nine HQ.
"1st Day of School VIBES," the mum-of-two captioned a mirror selfie shared to her Instagram Stories.
Sylvia snapped a mirror selfie to commemorate her return. Instagram
Sylvia also reposted her colleague Jayne Azzopardi's post welcoming her back to work.
"Good luck to this superstar/friend/mama/maternity buddy on her first day back to work as a mum of two!: Jayne Jayne captioned a throwback picture with Sylvia from when they were both pregnant in the office.
"You will nail it as you always do @sylviajeffreys!."
Sylvia wrote alongside her re-share of the sweet message from Jayne, "Aww thanks, Azzo @jayneazzo! Like riding a bike (on very little sleep), right??!!!!"
We love seeing Jayne and Sylvia support each other! Instagram
Last week, the 35-year-old appeared on Today Extra to speak about her maternity leave and returning to the show.
"I'm so lucky to have this time, and it's been a really intense time at home, as you all know," Sylvia told hosts David Campbell and Belinda Russell.
"I think the hardest thing for us is not having the grandmas around because they're both in Queensland, and my dad as well, and we're separated from my brother and my sister, so the boys' cousins, so not being able to see them in Queensland is really challenging."
Despite the challenges, Sylvia also spoke about the joy of bonding with her sons, adding that her husband Peter Stefanovic has become "so obsessed with his boys" and is "a big softie" when it comes to parenting.
"We have so much time to bond with the boys. I spend my whole day cheek-to-cheek with Henry, which is just so lovely," she said.
WATCH BELOW: Sylvia Jeffreys' hilarious gender reveal blunder. Post continues after video...
Of course, like many mums, Sylvia has been sleep deprived for five months, and explained to her co-hosts that she's excited to come back to the office to use the bathroom in peace.
"Maybe you should buckle up because I haven't had a lot of sleep in five months," she joked.
"So maybe I may not make a lot of sense."
Sylvia posted a funny moment on her Instagram featuring her oldest son Oscar watching himself and his mum on Today Extra during the broadcast.
In the video, he hilariously called David Campbell "Dadda," and Sylvia reminded him that David is not dad.
Sylvia captioned the cute video, "Oscar seems pretty satisfied with his performance. But, no, @davidcampbell73 is not "Dadda,"and, yes, we can put @thewiggles back on now.
"MVP in that segment was Henry, who slept soundly. Can't wait to see the team IRL on Monday. Have a happy and safe weekend, everyone. X."

Amused by Sylvia's post, a slew of Aussie celebrities shared their reactions in the comment section.
Lisa Wilkinson wrote, "Guess who has TV in his blood already!!! 😂😂😂, and David Campbell commented, "Loves a chat."
Peter Stefanovic's sister-in-law Jasmine Stefanovic also shared, "Hahaha so cute!!!"

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