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Sylvia Jeffreys stands up for Delta Goodrem amid “disgusting abuse”

“The hate is just not rational…”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Today show newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys has jumped to the defence of Delta Goodrem after the singer-songwriter was attacked for her so-called “extravagant antics" on The Voice.
“I don’t often give much weight to the senseless hate I read online,” the Today newsreader wrote in an open letter for Nine Honey. “But something has upset me so much this week that I feel compelled to address it.”
“I’m talking about the disgusting abuse aimed at Delta Goodrem.”
In case you missed it (after all, it was easy to miss), the pop-star was heavily criticised this week after she danced in her seat and pushed the show’s famed red buzzer with her foot rather than her hand on a couple of occasions.
“The hate is just not rational – it’s also totally unwarranted. I’ve read comments that are downright abusive, threatening and intimidating,” Sylvia wrote.
She added: “I understand that we are a nation of quiet achievers. We celebrate the underdog and pride ourselves on our self-deprecating humour. And sometimes, Delta shows more oomph than some can hack. Well, newsflash! She works in showbiz.”

Sylvia, who was pictured alongside the former Neighbours star at last month’s TV Week Logies, went on to describe Delta as “everything we should want an Aussie superstar to be.”
“Aside from her undeniable, indisputable talent, Delta is supremely kind. She radiates warmth and makes everyone in her presence feel like a dear friend,” she wrote. “If any of these internet haters came face to face with Delta, they would melt into a pathetic little puddle of regret.”
“As we report on the constant parade of football players in and out of magistrates courts, Delta is the wholesome, hardworking, humble role model we crave.”
WATCH: Delta Goodrem sympathises with a contestant on The Voice. Post continues...
Finally, the television personality encouraged readers to find a worthy cause for their anger.
“If you find yourself sitting on the couch on Sunday night, brimming with rage that has nowhere to go, pick up your phone, take a deep breath, and rather than tapping out another regrettable tweet, do a google search on North Korea or Zaatari Refugee Camp,” she wrote.
“Send your rage somewhere it deserves to be.”
Brava! We couldn’t agree more.

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