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“I thought I was about to be sacked!” Samantha Armytage gets candid about her rise to Sunrise fame

She’s the face you see every morning, you welcome her into your living rooms and you trust her to deliver your news.

By Blake Nadilo
But months before Samantha Armytage got television’s most coveted job, she thought she was going to be fired!
She’s fronted Sunrise for two years now and has quickly become the epitome of morning television glamour – but Australian TV’s “it” girl once thought her journo dreams were about to come crashing down.
“They started to pull me off the afternoon news and I thought I was about to be sacked,” Sam told News.com.au.
And despite having a short chat with executives about the Sunrise gig month prior, she was racked with uncertainty, “I hadn’t thought too much about the Sunrise conversation … I was fearing the worst.”
The 37-year-old added: “I pictured myself having to go and live in the cottage at the back of mum’s property near Wagga.”
However, as it turns out, cutting the country girl’s news bulletin was all part of a plan to transition the blonde beauty to the breakfast show – a strategy so secret not even Sam had any idea!
The presenter also explained that sitting next to David Koch on the program for two years has had its ups and downs, “It’s been frantic and a huge challenge,” she told the website, “It has been a much bigger challenge than I expected, but it’s fun. It’s a total cliché but I do pinch myself.”
However, Sam has also faced her fair share of whispers about alleged diva behaviour.
Earlier this week, the bubbly star told News that alleged feuding between her co-stars is not the case, but she did admit that, “Women aren’t always nice to each other in the newsroom.”
Before adding: “I refuse to fall into that trap of women being awful to other women. There’s no reason for it.”
Samantha also revealed that TV is a cut-throat industry, “What you realise as you become an adult — life is just an extension of high school. Sometimes when I’m at work, I think it’s like the year eight boarding house.”

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