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Stop the lies! Bachelor Blake reveals the truth about Lisa and Sam

Blake Garvey has broken his silence after jilted bachelorettes Lisa and Sam claimed he was a liar and tried crawling back to Lisa after he broke off his engagement to Sam.

Now Blake says enough is enough and the lies need to stop.

In an interview with The Project last week, Lisa said Blake tried his luck with her after calling off his engagement to Sam.

“Well he actually called me after the finale and he said that he was quite upset with everything that’s gone on,” Lisa said.

“And I was giving him a bit of support but still letting Sam know that he was in contact with me. And then he asked me if I still had feelings for him and if I could see a future with him.”

But Blake says this is not the case at all and has the text messages to prove it!

“I didn’t want to badmouth anyone,” he exclusively tells Woman’s Day.

“I don’t believe in it, but Lisa’s putting her own gloss on things. I understand she’s probably embarrassed but now she’s started making things up.”

Blake says Sam encouraged him to reach out to her best friend and runner-up Lisa after the show finished filming. But what happened next took Blake completely by surprise.

He says that Lisa actually tried to turn against Sam.

“Lisa said she was surprised that I’d picked Sam and she thought it was a mistake, telling me she would’ve been far more ready to settle down,” he says.

A week later Blake ended his relationship with Sam realising he had strong feelings for his now girlfriend Louise Pillidge.

That’s when Lisa started making a steady string of calls to Blake and when he didn’t answer, she sent him texts.

Bachelorette's Lisa Hyde and Sam Frost.

“I can understand she maybe needed closure but at the same time it was too soon and inappropriate. I just politely thanked her for them.”

Louise says Lisa also contacted her, sending her a “really hurtful” text once she realised Blake and Louise were together.

Blake hopes that by him revealing the text messages and finally showing the truth, it will put an end to The Bachelor saga and everyone can move on.

“Sam seems to be at a different event every night. It looks like she’s doing a good job of moving forward, and now after keeping a low profile it’s time for Lou and me to do the same,” he said.

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