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Grease is no longer the word for Rizzo: Stockard Channing's latest appearance raises eyebrows

Don't worry Rizzo, you're still our queen pink lady.

By Chloe Lal
Oh jelly bean! Can you believe it has been nearly 40 years since Grease graced our lives?
The 1978 film catapulted Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta into stardom for their respective roles as Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko.
For the movie's resident queen bee, Stockard Channing, who played Pink Lady Betty Rizzo, it all still feels like yesterday.
Then and now: It's been 40 years since Stockard Channing play our favourite Pink Lady (L) on Grease.
But fans were surprised to see present-day Rizzo...
Looking very different to 1978 Rizzo.
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Stopping by British talk show Lorraine this week, the show's host mentioned the 40th anniversary of the legendary flick.
"I don't really want to believe it! I don’t want to think about that number! I am the world’s oldest living teenager," Stockard, 73, admitted to Lorraine.
While it may feel like a moment ago for Stockard Channing, fans couldn't help but share their confusion over Rizzo's "unrecognisable" appearance.
One person beckoned, "What the hell had Rizzo done to her face?!?!"
Another said, "Good grief, Stockard Channing looks unrecognisable on #Lorraine. Such a shame that people feel they can’t simply age gracefully."
"What the heck has Stockard Channing done to her face? She can barely talk," a third remarked.
But there were fans who stood up for the Hollywood icon.
"People tweeting about Stockard Channing's face should remember 40 years have passed since Grease, she's 73 and it's HER face so take a seat."
While another added: "Why don't you meet Stockard Channing in person. Grease was so YEARS ago. She is beautiful and looks incredible."
Stockard became a household name following Grease.
"I am the world's oldest living teenager!" She says about being recognised as Rizzo.
After the tense debate over the actress' face, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Miller credited her appearance to fillers that help enhance the cheeks.
Speaking to Closer Weekly, he explained, "She also may have had a mini facelift to keep her jawline smooth."
While Dr. Adam Hamawy told the publication, "Stockard Channing looks like she has taken measures to try to slow down the aging process. In addition to a probable facelift, it looks like she’s had fat transferred to her face."
"She also looks like she’s had multiple laser resurfacing treatments to smoothen out some the fine wrinkles that have formed over time."
According to Dr. Vartan Mardirossian, she likely had fillers in her lips and cheeks as well. He also think she may have gotten "Botox for the forehead" and "likely a upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty."

Then & Now: Danny and Sandy... 40 years on!

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Despite appearances, Stockard is still smashing it out of the park.
The 13-time Emmy Award nominee and seven-time Tony Award nominee is promoting her current West End role in Apologia, opposite Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael.
"I'm now in a play on Broadway. It's been a fantastic run, its been long, 16 weeks. It's a great company of people," she said.
With all her accolades and achievements, Grease is still one of her most well-known roles.
“It’s a little daunting when you come out of the theatre and people are shoving photos in your face,” the star shared.
"It’s like yes, that’s great, but it was such a long time ago."
Stockard with Olivia on the set of Grease.
The 73-year-old also confessed that she'd only seen the movie twice.
“I saw it when it first opened and then there was a 20th anniversary and I went with a friend of mine and her little girl,” she recalled.
“Her little girl at the time was about four and she was sitting there between us. She looked at the screen and she looked at me and couldn’t understand how I could be in two places at once.”