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STOP RIGHT NOW! The Australian Spice Girls tour has NOT been confirmed for 2020

In other ''unofficial'' and ''unconfirmed'' news...

By Anita Lyons
If you don't want your Monday ruined, look away now because we have some very bad news.
Yup, it's official!
While we were all squealing with excitement for The Spice Girls and Australia "2 Become 1" in February of 2020, it looks like the news was broken a little too prematurely.
And the bearer of the bad news, is none other than the person who got us all excited in the first place. Mel B (a.k.a Scary Spice).
During an interview with Grant, Ed and Ash on the Hit Network, Mel B, sheepishly confirmed that she had created a monster before it had even been confirmed.
After Grant Denyer asked her if it was really happening, she responded:
"Well you know what, you know me by now," she said sheepishly.
"I always say the Spice Girls are going to continue and continue and tour the entire world and my thing - I've got a bee in my bonnet about it - because we've got to come to Australia first. Out the gate. We've done London and now we need to come to Australia.
"So I announced it on stage without anybody else signing it off, but I figured if I put it out there, it's going to happen."
Cue the collective shock and disappointment!
The Spice Girls have broken a few hearts this morning. (Source: Instagram/Spice Worlds Net)
"So you were manifesting it," Ash said.
"Exactly! And London did happen after seven years of me putting it out there. So I figured, Australia in February sounds pretty good to me! Does that sound good to you?"
On Saturday night, during the finale of a show at Wembley Stadium, she told the crowd: "We'll see you in February in Australia!"
The rest of the girls "aren't fully on board…yet", Mel revealed, while adding: "But I'll make sure it does happen."
Mel B has admitted to her gaffe. (Source: Instagram/Spice Worlds Net)
We should have known something was up after the girl group was a no-show on The Sunday Project.
Fans were disappointed when Mel B, Mel C, Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunting were replaced with co-host Tommy Little, who is currently in London with his drive radio show Carrie and Tommy, after Network Ten had said they would be appearing.
"SPICE UP YOUR LIFE AUSTRALIA!" Who's heading along? Find out more in an interview with the Spice Girls on The Sunday Project tonight!" the post on their official Facebook page read.
Instead of the interview, which fans speculated would be their official announcement, Tommy spoke abut what it was like to be a "straight man in his 30s at a Spice Girls concert."
"One of the backup dancers was a bit less talented than all the rest, and she was a brunette, so she was the Victoria Beckham," he said, while also commenting on some sound issues.
"Isn't the sound always going to be bad when they're playing Spice Girls songs?" guest panellist, Tim Blackwell quipped. And no, Tim. No.
Tommy Little on The Project last night. (Source: Network Ten)
As you could imagine, Twitter was NOT happy.
While we sit with baited breath and manifest the tour into existence, we hope that next time, it is actually official!
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