From her baby-faced Bardot days to becoming a blonde bombshell: Take a look back at Sophie Monk's incredible beauty transformation

The many faces of Sophie...

By Faye Couros
Sophie Monk has quite literally grown up in front of the nation's eyes.
She first burst onto the scene as a baby-faced 20-something when she found fame on Popstars in 2000. At the time, she was straight out of an early naughties dream with her layered platinum blonde crop and thin eyebrows.
She may have settled for mid-length yellow-blonde hair and filled-in brows as her go-to aesthetic, but some of her most iconic beauty looks live on in an early 2000s capsule.
The Beauty And The Geek host is famous for distinct features that make her so unique. Sophie has big, hooded, sparkly blue eyes, a cute button nose, distinct cheekbones, and pouty lips.
Of course, the talented 41-year-old's true staying power is thanks to her big, loveable personality and goofy sense of humour.
Her energy is infectious, and no one survives this long in the entertainment industry without winning people over with their good attitude and grit.
While the former pop star has always remained her true self, one thing that has gone through more than a few phases is her ever changing beauty looks.
The presenter has also been refreshingly open about getting some work done.
In 2011, Sophie revealed she'd had some filler injected into her top lip at her doctor's suggestion, following the botched removal of a cyst.
"Half of my lip was removed with the cyst, and I was advised to get filler in my top lip to help balance it out," she told Who magazine at the time.
"I should have said no to the filler in the first place, but I trusted the doctor."
Although the TV host is most famous for her light blonde tresses, she had a surprisingly brief stint as a brunette, and there have been many drastic changes to her hair length over the years.
It's been a two-decade journey full of sharp cuts, bleach and side parts, but one thing is for sure, Sophie's beauty journey has spirit.
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