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EXCLUSIVE: The secret to Sophie Monk's body

The Bachelorette babe shares her slim secrets and guilty pleasures with OK!

By OK! team
After Australia followed her journey to find love on The Bachelorette last season, Sophie Monk won hearts while being serious #bodygoals on the reality TV show.
And believe it or not, she does a little more than compete in random dance-offs with boyfriend Stu Laundy to keep fit.
In an OK! exclusive, we talk everything health and fitness with Slim Secrets ambassador Soph!
As everyone knows, most of the hard work behind rock hard abs happens in the kitchen. So we grilled Sophie on all her diet habits; the good and the… not so great.
“I’m constantly moving from different hotels and there’s always different foods around me,” says Sophie when it comes to resisting temptation and indulging in whatever’s around at the time.
That seems to be why the Slim Secrets nutritional program suits Soph and her lifestyle so well. “I can travel with Slim Secrets and I’m looking after my body at the same time,” she says.
Looking good, Soph! Don't be fooled, Sophie doesn't play around when it comes to breaking a sweat. Cycle away, honey!
After admitting that her signature dish is “baked beans on toast,” Sophie laughs it off saying, “I’m not great in the kitchen.”
Physical activity, as well as mindful eating, is something Sophie tries to slot into her routine on a regular basis. “I love a bit of yoga Zen in the morning!” she tells OK!.
We wonder if she throws in a sneaky ‘doga’ (doggy yoga) sesh every now and then with her beloved bulldog…

Obviously sticking to a routine makes everything easier for jetsetter Soph.
But what about those days off when Netflix and snacking can easily turn your day into one big binge fest? “On my days off, I try and jump on the treadmill,” says Soph.
Well that’s one way to distract from the doughnuts.
Sophie says her main focus is on balance and trying not to overdo it. “If you obsess over anything, it becomes another pressure,” she shares.
For more of our exclusive chat with Sophie Monk, pick up this week’s issue of OK!, on sale now!
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