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Sophie Monk breaks her silence on her "bitter" split with Stu Laundy

The usually stoic star as you've never seen her...

By Bella Brennan
As the dust settles on her shock break-up from publican Stu Laundy, Sophie Monk is finally ready to reveal what exactly went wrong.
While many expected to see Sophie's side of the story go to print in a magazine, the Bachelorette beauty has sat down with Channel Nine's A Current Affair program - the same network that Love Island, which Sophie is hosting, is set to appear on later this year.
ACA has shared an emotional teaser for Sophie's interview, which will air this evening in full, and promises to reveal "Sophie Monk, uncut."
In the trailer, the reporter asks the 38-year-old: "So there were clashes?"
To which Sophie replies: "Absolutely."
The promo then states, "Inside the TV star's bitter break-up," before cutting to a teary Sophie.
"Oh, you're going to make me emotional... Oh s--t. I can't cry," Sophie panics as she ducks out of the frame.
Sophie Monk is finally ready to talk.
When the former Bardot babe announced her split at the end of January, she hinted to their personality clashes in her statement explaining they are "very different people."
"There were no contracts or pressure to stay together whatsoever from anyone and we remain friends," the actress added.
Sophie's explosive ACA tell-all comes off the back of Stu's interview with the Telegraph's Sydney Confidential column over the weekend.
"I've got a friend for life ... I think Soph and I were meant to be mates like a fate thing," the 45-year-old told the paper.
WATCH: Sophie and Stu's rock romance. Post continues...
The 38-year-old admits there were "clashes" in her relationship.
"Soph's and my story is our story," Stu added of their unique road to romance on reality TV, before revealing the love of his life is his ex-wife Rachel.
"I'm sorry to Australia but the reality is most of these stories will finish with the couple not together."
Ahh, there's nothing like a public tête-à-tête between two exes.
Your move next, Stu.
The full interview airs tonight on Channel 9.