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EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk reveals how she knows Joshua Gross is "never going to leave" her and if they're planning to have kids

''We’d love that.''

By Maddison Leach
Sophie Monk married her partner Joshua Gross in a surprise ceremony in March 2022.
Now, she has exclusively revealed to TV WEEK from the Logie Award's red carpet how she's been enjoying her first months as a newlywed and how she kept the nuptials a secret.
"Well, no one was invited," she says in her signature gusto. "So no one knew so it was pretty easy."
"It was good! Just more legal, our relationship. So it isn't much different," she explains after being asked if her relationship changed since putting a ring on it.
Almost every married couple can relate to some tension when it comes to who does the cleaning up.
Joshua posed with Sophie on the red carpet. (Image: Instagram)
But in Sophie's house, it turns out they both help each other out, and the host has no issues with putting her man to work around the house.
"He does that anyway [cleans up]. So yeah, it feels a bit more like he isn't ever going to leave you while he's hard at work," she joked.
Fans of the former Bardot singer would love to see Sophie become a mum, and she reveals to TV WEEK that babies are in her and Joshua's future if all goes well.
"We'd love that [kids]," she says. "It just depends if it's in our path."
Sophie's show Beauty and The Geek is nominated for Most Outstanding Reality Program at the Logie Awards.
"It's out of this word, it's so beautiful," shares the 42-year-old about the upcoming season two.
"If we win it's a bonus. It's such a wonderful show."
"It's out of this word, it's so beautiful." (Image: Instagram)
Sophie and Joshua tied the knot in an intimate at-home ceremony, and they invited Stellar Magazine to capture their monumental day.
The bride revealed to the publication, "We always thought we'd elope. So many people said to me, 'I didn't even see my husband on the night; if I had my wedding over, we'd just elope'.
"So we thought, well, why don't we just get married at home? I've seen people get really stressed about their wedding, and ours has been so stress-free.
"We always thought we'd elope." (Image: Instagram)
The couple were the only people who attended their at-home dinner before saying their vows, and Sophie admitted it made sense to them.
"I'm 42, so I feel like (our loved ones) are like, OK, do it your way. We figured if we don't invite one person, then no-one could get upset."

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