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Sophie Monk hints at Stu Laundy’s unforgivable actions in an emotional new interview

“You clash when you’ve got different morals...”

By Candice Mehta-Culjak
Last month, Sophie Monk confirmed her split from millionaire publican Stu Laundy. And now, in a tearful new interview, the reality television star has gone on the record with her side of the story.
While many expected to see the story go to print in a magazine, the Bachelorette beauty sat down with Channel Nine's A Current Affair program - the same network that Love Island, which Sophie is hosting, is set to appear on later this year.
Speaking with ACA reporter Leila McKinnon, the 38-year-old denied claims she had broken up with her former boyfriend via social media. Stu had previously alleged that he learnt of their bust-up on Instagram.
"I didn't break up via Instagram," Sophie told the news program.
As reported by Woman's Day, the duo called time on their relationship after clashing while on holiday in Canada over the Christmas period.
"I think when you go on holiday with someone you really get to know someone and it was just yeah, it got to the point that, again all I can say is that we're just very different people," Sophie said.
She added: "You clash when you've got different morals."
Sophie refused to go into detail about the split because "there's children involved." It's unclear if Sophie was referring to kids in her own family, or her ex-boyfriend Stu's four children with his estranged wife Rachel.

She said she did believe she'd found her fairytale ending with Stu -- despite his being married and having had a vasectomy.
"I mean they're all fixable, so yeah I was just hoping and he was just the person I had a connection with," she said. "I gave it my best shot, I didn't go in this half-a*d, I went in full and ready to commit."
The Click star even admitted to staging public displays of affection for the paparazzi, including that kiss at Sydney airport in November.
"Every day I was getting burnt for not being affectionate. So there's paparazzi at the airport and I was like 'kiss me'. I was like 'I know this is weird, just kiss me – we've got to do it!' And it backfired again and I was like I can't win, I cannot win."
"But I definitely did that for the paparazzi, I could see them and I was like I'll give you anything."
When asked "did you hang in there longer than you should have because of the pressure?" Sophie replied: "You know what I did – but not because anyone asked me to, I wanted it to work for everyone."

Sophie also opened up about plans of making her dream of being a mother into a reality.
"I'm definitely doing it. We're looking into [starting a family] now. I definitely want babies." She adds of her kids: "We're such a close family. They'd be so loved."
"I'd love to be a mum. I'm going to have to freeze eggs at this point, which I'm looking into right now. It's just fitting in the injections and all that into the schedule. I'm definitely doing it."
WATCH: Sophie reveals plans to become a mother in the not too distant future. Post continues...
Sophie's explosive ACA tell-all comes off the back of Stu's interview with the Telegraph's Sydney Confidential column over the weekend.
"I've got a friend for life ... I think Soph and I were meant to be mates like a fate thing," the 45-year-old told the paper.
"Soph's and my story is our story," Stu added of their unique road to romance on reality TV, before revealing the love of his life is his ex-wife Rachel.
"I'm sorry to Australia but the reality is most of these stories will finish with the couple not together."
Ahh, there's nothing like a public tête-à-tête between two exes.
Your move next, Stu.