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Sophie Monk shares a hilarious throwback from her pre-teen days

She's come so far!

By Alex Lilly
Before she was the host of Love Island, before she was The Bachelorette and even before her Bardot days, Sophie Monk was a performer. And Australia's favourite bogan has shared a hilarious throwback video that proves it.
Sophie posted a clip on Instagram of herself, aged 12, performing on the junior talent edition of Bert Newton's show, New Faces singing The Ugly Duckling.
Take a look at the clip below, you know you want to.
Story continues after video.
The costume, the shimmy, the cute little voice, we don't know where to start with what we love most!
Sophie captioned her post, "Can anyone share their most embarrassing pre-pubescent story to make me feel better???🙈 Being a duck on tv wasn't great for high school. I was picked on forever."
Well, things turned out all right for the blonde beauty. Sophie classically trained as an opera singer and worked as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator at Warner Bros. Movie World before finding fame on Popstars as a member of girl group, Bardot.
Since then, she's appeared in Hollywood hits such as Click and Date Movie as well as won us over on The Bachelorette and Love Island.
Bring back Bardot!
Sophie's always had a love for the arts, and told the Sydney Morning Herald in 2016 that she was never a bad girl.
"I'd say I wasn't naughty, like drugs or anything – I've never been into that – but more cheeky, always making people laugh in the class, and the teachers couldn't really get control of the class. Then I did dance and singing and acting after school … I was always going to be on the stage, so I used school as the time that was chill-out time, to be honest, and I didn't learn anything."
Let's hope we see Sophie on stage again soon.

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